posted November 4, 1997

New Team Physicians Started Careers at Rival Schools

They graduated from college at the same
time, but from arch-rivals Calvin and Hope. They attended
the same medical school, but their residencies took them to
different parts of the country. Now they're each in family
practice in Holland, and soon they'll be working together as
team physicians at one of those rival schools, Hope College.

Dr. Patrick Hulst has been appointed Hope's new
team physician and medical director of the college's Sports
Medicine Services Program, and Dr. John Schloff has been
appointed associate team physician.

Hulst graduated from Calvin College in 1989, and
Schloff from Hope in 1989. Each holds an M.D. from the
Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Each spent his residency in family medicine--Hulst
in York, Pa., and Schloff in Hinsdale, Ill. Hulst is in
practice with Lakewood Family Medicine, and Schloff's
practice is at South Washington Family Medicine.

They'll begin their new duties with the college's
sports medicine program, which will run in tandem with their
on-going medical practices, on January 1.

"We're happy to have them joining us," said Dr. R.
Richard Ray Jr., who is coordinator of the college's
athletic training program and an associate professor of
kinesiology. "They both had some experience in sports
medicine during their residencies which helped qualify them
for the positions. They both have a strong interest in
sports medicine. And they come highly recommended."

Hulst and Schloff will be succeeding Dr. James
Lemire, who has been Hope's team physician since 1985.
Lemire, a partner at Lakewood Family Medicine, will be
leaving toward the end of the calendar year to become
director of the Mayo Clinic Family Practice Residency
Program in Ocala, Fla.

"He's been a great team physician for us," Ray
said. "We're just going to miss him very much."

As team physicians, Hulst and Schloff will serve
as consultants to the college, working with certified
athletic trainers, nursing staff, medical consultants and
the student-athletes' primary care physicians. They will
work with all of the college's athletic teams. At least one
of the two physicians will be on-site for all home varsity
and junior varsity football games, as well as at special
tournaments, championships and other events as needed.

In addition, as medical director of the college's
Sports Medicine Services Program, Hulst will be supervising
students who are enrolled in Hope's athletic training
program at his office. He has already worked with Hope
teams, assisting in both basketball and cross country last