posted January 5, 1998

Annual Recognition Luncheon Honors Hope College Faculty

Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the college's annual recognition luncheon on Monday, Jan. 5.

          The luncheon traditionally marks the beginning of
  the college's second semester.  Participating were John H.
  Jacobson, president; Jacob E. Nyenhuis, provost; Nancy S.
  Miller, dean for the social sciences; William D. Reynolds,
  dean for the arts and humanities; and James M. Gentile, dean
  for the natural sciences.
          Charles C. Aschbrenner of the music faculty was
  recognized for 35 years of service.  Faculty recognized for
  30 years of service were:  Earl R. Curry (history), Francis
  G. Fike (English), Nancy S. Miller (dean for the social
  sciences) and John K.V. Tammi (theatre).
          Glenn Van Wieren of the kinesiology faculty was
  recognized for 25 years of service.  Faculty recognized for
  20 years of service were:  Albert A. Bell Jr. (history),
  Donald L. Cronkite (biology), William R. Mayer (art),
  Barbara A. Mezeske (English), John R. Patnott (kinesiology),
  Michael D. Seymour (chemistry) and Kathleen Verduin
          Faculty honored for serving on the college's
  Teaching Enhancement Workshop Committee were:  James B.
  Heisler, chair (economics and business administration);
  Hersilia Alvarez-Ruf (Spanish); Donald L. Cronkite
  (biology); Barbara Mezeske (English); Maura M. Reynolds
  (modern and classical languages, and director of advising);
  Michael E. Silver (chemistry); Thomas M. Smith (economics
  and business administration); and Boyd H. Wilson (religion).
          Two professors received this year's Provost's
  Award for Excellence in Teaching:  Jane R. Dickie
  (psychology) and Barbara A. Mezeske (English).  J. Jeffery
  Tyler (religion) was selected as the college's second
  Towsley Research Scholar.
          Annie Dandavati (political science) was recognized
  for having received the Hope Outstanding Professor Educator
  (H.O.P.E.) Award in the spring of 1997.  Joseph W.
  MacDoniels (communication) was honored for his long-term
  leadership of the "Institute for Faculty Development:
  Communication Theory, Research and Pedagogy Conference,"
  first held at Hope in 1985.
          Acknowledged as authors and editors during the
  past year were:  Janet Andersen (mathematics), Jacqueline
  Bartley (English), Steven C. Bouma-Prediger (religion), John
  D. Cox (English), Mary DeYoung (mathematics), Robert E.
  Elder Jr. (political science), Reuben J. Ellis (English),
  Francis G. Fike (English), James A. Herrick (communication),
  Jack E. Holmes (political science), Jeanne M. Jacobson (A.C.
  Van Raalte Institute for Historical Studies), Thomas E.
  Ludwig (psychology) and Donald A. Luidens (sociology and
  social work).
          Also recognized as authors and editors were:
  David G. Myers (psychology) and Jacob E. Nyenhuis (provost),
  Jack R. Ridl (English), David K. Ryden (political science),
  Peter J. Schakel (English), Michael D. Seymour (chemistry),
  Caroline J. Simon (philosophy), Todd Swanson (mathematics),
  Robert P. Swierenga (A.C. Van Raalte Institute for
  Historical Studies), Kathleen Verduin (English), Larry
  Wagenaar (Joint Archives of Holland), John M. Wilson (art)
  and James M. Zoetewey (political science).
          Honored for accomplishments as performing artists
  were:  Charles Aschbrenner (music), Joan Conway (music),
  Mihai Craioveanu (music) and Julio Rivera (dance).
  Recognized for their work as artists were:  Judy Hillman
  (art) and William R. Mayer (art).  Honored as coaches were:
  Stuart Fritz (baseball), Dean Kreps (football), Mark
  Northuis (women's cross country), Maureen Odland
  (volleyball), John Patnott (women's swimming), Kathy Van
  Tubbergen (women's tennis) and Glenn Van Wieren (men's
          Faculty honored for serving as officers of
  professional organizations included:  Marc Baer (history),
  Joan Conway (music), Maxine DeBruyn (dance), James M.
  Gentile (dean for the natural sciences), James A. Herrick
  (communication), David P. Jensen (Van Wylen Library), Donald
  A. Luidens (sociology and social work), Deborah Sturtevant
  (sociology and social work) and James van Putten (physics
  and engineering).
          Recognized for having received honors and awards
  were:  Priscilla Atkins (Van Wylen Library), Marc B. Baer
  (history), Harvey D. Blankespoor (biology), Baars Bultman
  (education), Mylene Catel (modern and classical languages),
  John D. Cox (English), Maxine DeBruyn (dance), Tony Donk
  (education), Linda Dykstra (music), Lee A. Forester (modern
  and classical languages), Charles A. Huttar (English),
  Thomas E. Ludwig (psychology), Joseph W. MacDoniels
  (communication), Mark E. Northuis (kinesiology), Timothy J.
  Pennings (mathematics), Peter J. Schakel (English) and
  Heather L. Sellers (English).
          Several faculty and staff members were recognized
  as recipients of grants and fellowships, including:  Janet
  Andersen (mathematics), Marc Baer (history), Connie Brummel
  (Children's After School Achievement Program), Matthew Elrod
  (chemistry), Peter Gonthier (physics), Linda Graham (dance),
  David Hahn (mathematics), Brigitte Hamon-Porter (modern and
  classical languages) and Edward Hansen (geology).
          Also recognized for grants and fellowships were:
  David P. Jensen (Van Wylen Library), William Mungall
  (chemistry), Graham Peaslee (chemistry), Timothy Pennings
  (mathematics), John T. Quinn (modern and classical
  languages), Elizabeth Sanford (chemistry), Peter J. Schakel
  (English), Michael Silver (chemistry), Darryl Thelen
  (physics and engineering), Lois Tverberg (biology), Leslie
  Wessman (education) and Jack Wilson (art).