posted January 5, 1998

Provost Honors Two Professors For Teaching Excellence

Jane R. Dickie and Barbara A. Mezeske of the Hope College faculty have been named recipients of the college's "Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching."

          The awards were announced during the college's
  annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon, held on Monday, Jan. 5.
  Dickie is a professor of psychology and director of women's
  studies; Mezeske is an adjunct assistant professor of
  English and director of the college's "English 113"
  introductory expository writing program.
          It is the third year that Hope has presented the
  awards.  In recognizing this year's recipients, the
  college's provost, Dr. Jacob E. Nyenhuis, cited the praise
  of faculty colleagues who had nominated them.
          Concerning Dickie, one nominator had written that
  she "has been a pioneer in many realms.  Before many of us
  even knew what active learning pedagogy was, [she] was
  already using it in her classroom."  Another noted, "It is
  [her] genuine passion for social justice, her commitment to
  teaching the quest for justice, and the firm personal faith
  in God that animates her work that so influences our
          A colleague described Mezeske as "one of Hope's
  best examples of teaching excellence," saying that "her
  approach in the classroom is methodical and creative and
  highly interactive.  It's idea-centered, with lots of
  encouragement of independent thinking."  She was also
  praised for structuring small-group discussions that
  required students to have read closely and to have reflected
  on their texts.
          Both Dickie and Mezeske have been active in the
  college's "Teaching Enhancement Workshop."  They have each
  also served on a variety of committees and boards at Hope,
  in addition to being involved in the community.
          Dickie joined the Hope faculty as an assistant
  professor in 1972, and was promoted to associate professor
  in 1979 and full professor in 1988.  She was appointed
  director of women's studies in 1991.  Her courses during the
  1997-98 school year include "Developmental Psychology,"
  "Psychology of Women" and supervising students engaged in
  special studies.
          She graduated from Alma College with a bachelor's
  degree in 1968, and holds a master's and doctorate from
  Michigan State University.
          Mezeske joined the Hope faculty as an instructor
  in 1978, and was promoted to adjunct assistant professor in
  1986.  Her courses during the 1997-98 school year include an
  introductory expository writing course focused on "The
  Environment," "Expository Writing II," and "Literature of
  the Western World" I and II.
          Prior to coming to Hope, she had been a teacher at
  Jenison Public High School.
          She graduated from Hope with a bachelor's degree
  in 1970.  She holds a master's degree from Michigan State