posted January 23, 1998

Board of Trustees Begins Search

In response to the announced retirement plans of Hope College President John H. Jacobson, the college's Board of Trustees at its January 23, 1998 meeting authorized the establishment of a Presidential Search Committee and approved a charge for that
committee. Dr. Jacobson will retire as the tenth president of Hope College on June 30, 1999.

Mr. Joel G. Bouwens, a member of the Board of Trustees from Zeeland, Mich., will serve as chair of the search committee.

The search committee will be comprised of trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni of the college. Names of committee members are not being announced at this time.
The search committee was issued the following charge:

The Hope College Board of Trustees charges the presidential search committee with the responsibility to recommend to the Board a single candidate as the next president of Hope College. The Board intends to select an individual who will provide leadership necessary for Hope College to become the foremost Christian liberal arts college in our nation. The Board sees three attributes as essential to this role:

1. The next president of Hope College must be an individual of wisdom and integrity whose life and work reveal a commitment to following Jesus Christ. This individual should also be committed to retaining and advancing the Christian character of Hope College.

2. The successful candidate must have a passion for academic excellence. This individual shall have a deep understanding of scholarship, research and teaching. This individual should also be capable of raising the excellent academic reputation of Hope College to the next level.

3. The successful candidate must be a visionary individual with a broad understanding of the world's events and cultures. The individual shall have a demonstrated ability in leading an organization which effectively carries out its mission. This individual shall have a vision for Hope College and its graduates, and the ability to elicit change by exciting others.

The search committee will begin its work immediately.