posted June 19, 1998

Staff Recognized for Service

Hope College employees were honored for service during the college's 18th annual service award celebration, held in conjunction with a lunch at the college's Haworth Conference and Learning Center on Friday, June 19.

          Retiring employees who were honored were:  Donald
  Boeve (physical plant), Fred Coates (physical plant),
  Kenneth DeNeff (physical plant), Donna Franks (business
  office) and Maxine Greij (book store).
          Honored for 30 years of service were Maria Tapia
  (computing and information technology) and Barry Werkman
  (business office), while Beverly Kindig (biology) was
  honored for 25 years of service.  Employees honored for 20
  years of service were Sarah Anderson (book store), Betty
  Dolley (copy center), Joyce Nielsen (library), Martha Strom
  (financial aid) and Erwin Westenbroek (physical plant).
          Recognized for 15 years of service were:  David
  Dubois (physical plant), Betty Groenewoud (physical plant),
  Jacqueline Heisler (academic support center), Pauline
  Rozeboom (computing and information technology), Paula
  Shaughnessy (book store), Roger Veldhof (physical plant) and
  Edna Zeeff (physical plant).
          Employees recognized for 10 years of service were:
  Merrie Bannink (registrar's office), James Becksvoort
  (physical plant), Karen Bos (public relations), Karen
  Brandsen (college advancement services), Jacqueline Carey
  (art), Verlie DeGroff (physical plant), Gordon Hulst
  (physical plant), John Jacobson (president), David James
  (academic support center), John Norden (college
  advancement), James Van Heest (college advancement), Mary
  Van Klompenberg (physical plant) and Rick Wissink (physical
          Recognized for five years of service were:
  Margaret Buckley (admissions), Jamie DeWitt (financial aid),
  Janet Gibson (admissions), Sharon Grotenhuis (physical
  plant), Debbie Huerta (Upward Bound), Jeanne Lindell
  (counseling), Kathy Lundy (physical plant), William Marcus
  (transportation), Kathryn Miller (public relations),
  Kathleen O'Connor (history), Stuart Post (admissions), Lynne
  Powe (public relations), Wendy Sturrus (resident director),
  Lela Wilson (physical plant) and Loi Kham Xayasane (physical