posted June 29, 1999

Staff Service Honored

Hope College employees were honored for service during the college's 19th annual service award celebration, held in conjunction with a lunch at the college's Haworth Inn and Conference Center on Tuesday, June 29.

          Retiring employees who were honored were:  Jane
  Holman (Dow Center), Dr. John H. Jacobson (president),
  Justina Moreno (physical plant), Dorothy Pearson (music
  library) and Stuart Post (admissions)
          Honored for 30 years of service were Jon Huisken
  (registrar) and Norma Plasman (chemistry).  Employees
  honored for 25 years of service were Mark Cook (Hope-Geneva
  Bookstore), Steve DeRidder (physical plant), Phyllis Hooyman
  (financial aid), Jeanne Kinkema (Hope-Geneva Bookstore),
  Sandy Tasma (copy center) and John Woldring (physical
          Honored for 20 years of service were:  Gary Camp
  (admissions), Timothy Dys (physical plant), Kevin Gardner
  (physics), Alfredo Gonzales (provost's office), Beverly
  Larsen (kinesiology) and Douglas Wehrmeyer (physical plant).
          Recognized for 15 years of service were:  Ann
  Alderink (physical plant), Susan Feldkamp (provost's
  office), Joy Forgwe (economics and business administration),
  Fonda Green (Children's After School Achievement program),
  Ronald Hale (transportation), David Jensen (Van Wylen
  Library), Myra Kohsel (English), Linda Linklater (Van Wylen
  Library) and Andrea Mireles (Upward Bound).
          Those honored for 10 years of service were:
  Georgia deHaan (admissions), Carol DeJong (registrar's
  office), Derek Emerson (student development), O. Christian
  Gesink (public safety), Glen Groeneveld (physical plant),
  Cynthia Groters (financial aid), Carl Heideman (computing
  and information technology), Robert Hunt (physical plant),
  Joan Kamps (physical plant), Bradley Mulder (physics), Greg
  Olgers (public relations), Janet Pinkham (academic support
  center), Darell Schregardus (counseling), Martha Swank
  (Program for the Academically Talented at Hope), Gordon
  VanderYacht (kinesiology), Kathy Waterstone (music) and
  Marianne Yonker (kinesiology).
          Recognized for five years of service were:  Dwight
  Beal (chaplain's office), Paul Boersma (chaplain's office),
  Norma Buursma (physical plant), Carol Fritz (admissions),
  Julie Goebel (student development), Beverly Harper (office
  of the dean for the natural sciences), Milly Hudgins (Carl
  Frost Center for Social Science Research), Patricia Keller
  (human resources), Jamie Kooiker (registrar's office),
  Deborah Nykamp (advancement services), Ben Patterson (Hinga-
  Boersma Dean of the Chapel), Kimberly Salisbury (advancement
  services), Deborah Sanderson (Hope-Geneva Bookstore),
  Shelley Schrotenboer (physical plant), Lori Trethewey (Joint
  Archives of Holland), Anthony VanHouten (physical plant) and
  Ping Zhao (biology).