posted November 15, 1999

Society Honors Book

The Awards Committee of the "Society for the Study of Early Modern Women" has selected Anne Larsen's critical edition of "Les Secondes Oeuvres" (Second Works) by Madeleine and Catherine des Roches for a 1998 Edition Honorable Mention.

          The award was announced on Friday, Oct. 29, during
  the Society's General Meeting at the Sixteenth Century
  Studies Conference in St Louis, Mo.  Larsen's book was one
  of three works to receive recognition from the Society in
  the "Editions" category this year.
  Larsen's 410-page edition appeared with Droz, a publisher in
  Geneva, Switzerland, that specializes in critical editions
  and studies of literary texts from antiquity to the present.
          Larsen also recently published with Droz her
  critical edition of "Les Missives" (Letters), the third and
  final volume of the works of the Des Roches.  The 450-page
  edition contains the first adaptation in French of
  Claudian's epic poem "De raptu Proserpinae" (The Rape of
  Proserpina), and 100 personal letters, the first such
  letters published by women in France.  Larsen's edition of
  their first volume "Les Oeuvres" (Works) appeared in 1993.
          Larsen's three-volume effort is the first edition
  of the works since their original publication in the 16th
          Madeleine and Catherine des Roches, a mother-
  daughter team who were members of the gentry of Poitiers in
  south-western France, published their works between 1578 and
  1586.  They held a salon which hosted numerous writers,
  poets and professionals. Catherine refused to marry so that
  she could go on writing and publishing with her mother.
          Larsen noted that the two women, who she said were
  remarkably well-educated for their time, were among the
  first to argue in print for the equality of men and women
  and to protest the way that women of their day were treated.
  They both died in 1587 of the plague.
          Larsen earned her bachelor's degree from Hope
  College, and her master's and doctorate from Columbia
  University.  She came to Hope as an associate professor of
  French in 1984 and became full professor in 1993.
          She is currently working with Michael Brinks, a
  Hope senior from Portage, on a collaborative translation of
  the works of Madeleine and Catherine des Roches.