posted January 10, 2000

Faculty Recognition Luncheon

Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the college's annual recognition luncheon on Monday, Jan. 10.

          The luncheon traditionally marks the beginning of
  the college's second semester.  Participating were James E.
  Bultman, president; Jacob E. Nyenhuis, provost; Alfredo M.
  Gonzales, assistant provost; Jon J. Huisken, dean for
  academic services and registrar; Nancy S. Miller, dean for
  the social sciences; and William D. Reynolds, dean for the
  arts and humanities.
          Maxine DeBruyn of the dance faculty and Elliot A.
  Tanis of the mathematics faculty were recognized for 35
  years of service.  G. Larry Penrose (history) and Raymond E.
  Smith (kinesiology) were honored for 30 years of service.
          Several faculty were recognized for 25 years of
  service:  Jane G. Bach (English), Theodore L. Nielsen
  (communication), Jacob E. Nyenhuis (provost, and classical
  languages), James C. Piers (sociology and social work),
  Maura M. Reynolds (modern and classical languages, and
  director of advising and First-Year Seminars), John J.
  Shaughnessy (psychology) and Stuart W. Sharp (music).
          Faculty honored for 20 years of service were
  Christopher C. Barney (biology) and Anthony N. Perovich
          Two professors received this year's Provost's
  Award for Excellence in Teaching:  James B. Allis
  (philosophy) and R. Richard Ray (kinesiology).  Two
  professors were also named Towsley Research Scholars at
  Hope:  Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet (psychology) and Claudia
  Polini (mathematics).  In addition, Curtis Gruenler
  (English) received this year's Sluyter Fellowship.
          Faculty honored for serving on the college's
  Teaching Enhancement Workshop Committee were:  James B.
  Heisler, chair (economics and business administration),
  Hersilia Alvarez-Ruf (modern and classical languages),
  Christopher C. Barney (biology), Jane R. Dickie
  (psychology), Barbara Mezeske (English), William S. Mungall
  (chemistry), Maura M. Reynolds (modern and classical
  languages, and director of advising and First-Year
  Seminars), Thomas M. Smith (economics and business
  administration) and John A. Yelding (education).
          Steven C. Bouma-Prediger (religion) was recognized
  for having received the Hope Outstanding Professor Educator
  (H.O.P.E.) Award in the spring of 1999.
          Acknowledged as authors and editors during the
  past year were:  Barry L. Bandstra (religion), Elton J.
  Bruins (A.C. Van Raalte Institute), Lee A. Forester
  (German), Anne R. Larsen (French), David G. Myers
  (psychology), Anthony N. Perovich Jr. (philosophy), R.
  Richard Ray (kinesiology), David Ryden (political science),
  John J. Shaughnessy (psychology), Michael E. Silver
  (chemistry), Robert P. Swierenga (A.C. Van Raalte
  Institute), Elliot A. Tanis (mathematics) and Larry J.
  Wagenaar (Joint Archives of Holland).
          Members of the theatre faculty were honored for
  accomplishments as performing artists were Daina Robins,
  Jean Bailey and Michelle Bombe.  Members of the art faculty
  recognized for their work as artists were Bruce McCombs,
  Delbert Michel and Steve Nelson.  Honored as coaches were
  Bob Ebels (men's golf), Stuart Fritz (baseball), Dean Kreps
  (football), Karen Page (women's tennis), John Patnott
  (women's swimming) and Glenn Van Wieren (men's basketball).
          Faculty honored for serving as officers of
  professional organizations included:  Maxine DeBruyn
  (dance), James M. Gentile (dean for the natural sciences),
  Margaret Kennedy-Dygas (music), William F. Polik
  (chemistry), Daina Robins (theatre), Robert P. Swierenga
  (A.C. Van Raalte Institute) and Larry J. Wagenaar (Joint
  Archives of Holland).
          Recognized for receiving honors and awards were:
  Maria Burnatowska-Hledin (biology and chemistry), Maxine
  DeBruyn (dance), Paul A. DeYoung (physics and engineering),
  James M. Gentile (dean for the natural sciences), Stephen I.
  Hemenway (English), Donald A. Luidens (sociology and social
  work), Roger J. Nemeth (sociology and social work), William
  F. Polik (chemistry), R. Richard Ray (kinesiology) and Karla
  Wolters (kinesiology).
          Several faculty members and academic programs were
  recognized as recipients of grants and fellowships,
  including:  the department of art, the department of
  theatre, Christopher Barney (biology), M. Linda Graham
  (dance), Peter L. Gonthier (physics and engineering), Curtis
  Gruenler (English), Joseph F. LaPorte (philosophy), Donald
  A. Luidens (sociology and social work), Virginia McDonough
  (biology), Roger J. Nemeth (sociology and social work),
  Jonathan Peterson (geological and environmental sciences),
  Claudia Polini (mathematics), John T. Quinn (classics),
  Heather Sellers (English), Neal W. Sobania (history), Darin
  Stephenson (mathematics), Joanne Stewart (chemistry), Lois
  Tverberg (biology), J. Jeffery Tyler (religion) and Roger
  Veldman (physics and engineering).