posted March 27, 2000

Prof Receives NSF POWRE Grant

Donatella Delfino, assistant professor of mathematics at Hope College, has received a grant from the National Science Foundation's "Professional Opportunities for  women in Research and Education" (POWRE) Program.

          Selection for the awards is highly competitive.
  Only about 175 of the awards are presented annually, with
  candidates drawn from all areas of science and engineering.
          The NSF established the POWRE program in 1997 to
  help correct the under-representation of women in science
  and engineering.  The program seeks to increase the
  prominence of women in such fields, and to enhance their
  professional development by providing funding opportunities
  that are not ordinarily available through regular research
  and education grant programs.
          Delfino's $74,959 award will support her as she
  conducts research at Rutgers University in New Jersey during
  the 2000-01 academic year and the summer of 2001.  She will
  investigate computational commutative algebra, continuing
  some on-going projects and beginning new research as well,
  and will be working with Professor Wolmer Vasconcelos of the
  Rutgers mathematics faculty.
          This summer, she and two undergraduate students
  from Cornell University and St. Olaf College will go to
  Rutgers to consult with Vasconcelos on a research project.
  Their work will be supported by an NSF "Research Experiences
  for Undergraduates" grant held by Hope's department of
  mathematics and by a grant she has received from the
  Association for Women in Mathematics.
          A native of Italy, Delfino completed her "Laurea
  in matematica" at the Universita di Genova in 1987.  She
  completed her doctorate at Purdue University in 1994.
          Prior to joining the Hope mathematics faculty in
  1997, she was an assistant professor at the University of