posted April 8, 2000

Alumni Gather for Psychology Conference

Dr. Steve Spencer '88, Dr. Steve Stroessner '87;Middle Row: Dr. Mary Rust '90, Dr. Janet Swim '83;Back Row: Amy Eshleman '96, Dr. Julia Zuwerink '88 Jacks,Dr. Kristen Klaaren '87 and Professor Mary Inman.

(NOTE: Expanded coverage of the conference and the work of the participants will appear in the June issue of news from Hope College)

A professional conference on campus also served as a reunion for seven psychology alumni.

All conducting research on prejudice and stereotyping, they gathered on Saturday, April 1, for a day-long opportunity to informally discuss their research and brainstorm on possible future research projects. The conference was coordinated by Dr. Mary Inman, associate professor of psychology at Hope, who conducts research in the same area and was also one of the participants.

Either teaching or in graduate school, the alumni returned from throughout the United States as well as Canada for the event. They were: Dr. Janet Swim '83 of State College, Pa. (Pennsylvania State University); Dr. Kristen Klaaren '87 of Ashland, Va. (Randolph-Macon College); Dr. Steve Stroessner '87 of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Barnard College); Dr. Julia Zuwerink '88 Jacks of Greensboro, N.C. (University of North Carolina); Dr. Steve Spencer '88 of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (University of Waterloo; Dr. Mary Rust '90 of West Springfield,
Mass. (American International College); and Amy Eshleman '96 of Lawrence, Kan. (University of Kansas).

Each participant presented his or her research for 20 minutes, with an equivalent amount of time for group discussion following. Other members of the psychology faculty and students attended the event as well.

The "Stereotyping and Discrimination Conference" was sponsored by the David and Carol Myers Foundation, and the college's department of psychology. The event was held in the college's Haworth Inn and Conference Center.