posted April 22, 2002

H Blankets Awarded to Seniors

 Sixty-five Hope College seniors have been awarded monogrammed blankets for their participation in athletics at Hope.

The orange and blue "H" blankets are presented to seniors who earned at least three varsity letters while at Hope. One of the varsity letters must have been earned during the student's senior year.

The students were honored during a reception held on-campus on Monday, April 22. They will also be recognized during the college's Honors Convocation on Thursday, April 25.

The recipients are:

Brian Adloff; Grand Rapids; football (captain)
Gary Albrecht; Grandville; swimming (captain)
Dawn Allers; St. Anne, Ill.; track, volleyball
Jenna Anderson; Cincinnati, Ohio; cross country, swimming
Jodi Boom; Coopersville; basketball (captain)
Joshua Boss; Jenison; swimming (captain)
Amy Brower; Hamilton; basketball (captain), volleyball (captain)
Bethany Buege; Evart; cheerleading
Sarah Burgess; Niles; track (captain)
Jacob Cain; Battle Creek; cheerleading
Camy Clift; Bellevue; cheerleading (captain)
Keith Cravotta; Sussex, N.J.; cross country, track
Amy Dobb; Holland; soccer
Elizabeth Dornbos; Vicksburg; soccer (captain)
Beth Evans; Winfield, Ill.; cheerleading (captain)
Nathan Farrar; Alma; swimming
Karen Fischer; Northville; diving (captain)
Ian Fish; Kalamazoo; football
Chad Gibbie; Fremont; track
Sarah Golden; Valparaiso, Ind.; cross country (captain)
Nicholas Grinzinger; Mount Pleasant; baseball (captain)
Brian Hammer; Alto; football
Molly Henson; Allegan; volleyball (captain)
Lauren Hermes; Arlington Heights, Ill.; cross country (captain), track
Joshua Honholt; Holland; tennis
Elizabeth Kauffman; Remus; cross country, track
Timothy Keeler; Portage; soccer (captain)
Anna King; Downers Grove, Ill.; cross country (captain), track (captain)
Kevin Kittle; North Adams; baseball
Candace Kool; Kalamazoo; soccer
Jon Kucinski; Portage; soccer (captain)
Nicholas Kunnen; Muskegon; cheerleading, football
David Lichtenberger; Lansing; baseball, cross country
Robert Long; Holland; baseball
Raj Malviya; Holland; tennis (captain)
Christopher Mangus; Whittemore; football
Samuel Martin; Alma; football
Charlie Matz; Petoskey; soccer
Katie Miller; Novi; golf (captain)
Andrew Mullenix; Battle Creek; swimming (captain)
Devin Nuner; South Bend, Ind.; soccer
Rose Owens; Shelby; softball
Seth Palmer; Marshall; track
Laura Poppema; Holland; basketball (captain)
Sarah Rahmel; Naperville, Ill.; soccer
Emily Reeves; Hudsonville; tennis (captain)
Bryan Regner; Livonia; football
Andrew Riker; Kalamazoo; soccer (captain)
Mark Simonson; Holland; baseball (captain)
Laura Smith; Dearborn; swimming (captain)
Lucas Smith; McBain; football
Dane Splinter; Libertyville, Ill.; cross country (captain), track
Beth Stygstra; Holland; soccer (captain)
Kimiko Sugimoto; St. Joseph; soccer
Becky Sutton; Eaton Rapids; basketball (captain)
Curtis Tyler; Grand Ledge; cheerleading (captain), football, track (captain)
Milly VanDerMeulen; Hopkins; softball (captain)
Brooke Vivian; McBain; diving
Dylan Wade; Beulah; cross country (captain), track (captain)
Patrick Warren; New Lothrop; football
Brooke Wever; Fremont; cheerleading (captain)
Heather Wicklund; North St. Paul, Minn.; cross country, track
Eric Wohlfield; Brighton; golf (captain)
Kevin Woloszyn; Oak Lawn, Ill.; cross country, track
Christopher Working; Holland; swimming and diving