posted January 5, 2004

Faculty Honored During Luncheon

Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the college's annual recognition luncheon on Monday, Jan. 5.

The luncheon traditionally marks the beginning of the college's second semester. Participating were James N. Boelkins, provost; James E. Bultman, president; James M. Gentile, dean for the natural sciences; Jon J. Huisken, dean for academic services and registrar; Nancy S. Miller, dean for the social sciences; and William D. Reynolds, dean for the arts and humanities.

Recognized for 35 years of service were: Herbert L. Dershem (computer science), Jack E. Holmes (political science), James P. Motiff (psychology) and Peter J. Schakel (English). Also recognized was Glenn Van Wieren (kinesiology) for 37 years of service.

Honored for 25 years of service were: Ion T. Agheana (Spanish), John D. Cox (English), Sander deHaan (German and Dutch) and Robin K. Klay (economics and management). Those recognized for 20 years of service were: Edward C. Hansen (geological and environmental sciences), Lynne Hendrix (accounting), James A. Herrick (communication), David P. Jensen (library), Anne R. Larsen (French) and Hersilia Alvarez-Ruf (Spanish).

Brent Krueger (chemistry) was named a Towsley Research Scholar. Peter Schakel (English) received the Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Award. Janet Andersen (mathematics) and Richard Mezeske (education) received this year's Provost's Awards for Excellence in Teaching. Jon Huisken (dean for academic services and registrar) received the Provost's Award for Service to the Academic Program.

Faculty honored for serving on the college's Teaching Enhancement Workshop Committee were: James B. Heisler, chair (economics and business administration), Donald L. Cronkite (biology) and Barbara Mezeske (English). Honored as workshop presenters were: Janis Gibbs (history), Lorna Jarvis (psychology), Maura Reynolds (Latin, and academic advising), Michael Silver (chemistry), Kathy Winnett-Murray (biology) and John Yelding (education).

Donald Luidens (sociology) was recognized for having received the Hope Outstanding Professor Educator (H.O.P.E.) Award in the spring of 2003.

Faculty and staff acknowledged as authors and editors during the past year were: Barry Bandstra (religion), Elton Bruins (A.C. Van Raalte Institute), Miguel De La Torre (religion), Andrew Dell'Olio (philosophy), Francis Fike (English), James Herrick (communication), Julie Kipp (English), Thomas Ludwig (psychology), Phillip Munoa (religion), David Myers (psychology), William Pannapacker (English), Jack Ridl (English), Karen Schakel (Van Raalte Institute), Peter Schakel (English), Caroline Simon (philosophy), Neal Sobania (history, and international education), Elliot Tanis (mathematics), Scott VanderStoep (psychology, and the Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research) and Allen Verhey (religion).

Members of the faculty honored for accomplishments as performing artists were Mihai Craioveanu (music), Steven Iannacone (dance), Brad Richmond (music) and Linda Strouf (dance). Members of the art faculty recognized for their work as artists were Bruce McCombs and Steven Nelson. Honored for accomplishments as coaches were: Bob Ebels (men's golf), Lindsey Engelsman (women's soccer), Stu Fritz (baseball), Steve Gorno (men's tennis), Dean Kreps (football), Brian Morehouse (women's basketball), John Patnott (women's swimming), Steve Smith (men's soccer) and Glenn Van Wieren (men's basketball).

Faculty honored for serving as officers of professional organizations included Susan Cherup (education), John Cox (English), John Krupczak (engineering), Maura Reynolds (Latin, and academic advising) and Daina Robins (theatre).

Faculty and staff recognized for receiving honors and awards were: David Cunningham (religion, and the CrossRoads Project), Maxine DeBruyn (dance), Miguel De La Torre (religion), Jane Dickie (psychology), Briget Doyle (geological and environmental sciences), James Gentile (dean for the natural sciences), Roberta Kraft (music), Dawn McIlhargey-Wigert (dance), Steven Nelson (art), William Polik (chemistry), Geoffrey Reynolds (Joint Archives of Holland), Maura Reynolds (Latin, and academic advising), David Schock (communication), Richard Smith (theatre), Yolanda Vega (Hope College Upward Bound), Allen Verhey (religion) and John Yelding (education).

Several faculty and staff members were recognized as recipients of grants and fellowships, including: Janet Andersen (mathematics), Brian Bodenbender (geological and environmental sciences), Kenneth Brown (chemistry), Thomas Bultman (biology), Leah Chase (chemistry), Elizabeth Colburn (Hope College Upward Bound), John Cox (English), Matt DeJongh (computer science), Paul DeYoung (physics), Maureen Dunn (kinesiology), Susan Dunn (nursing), Lee Forester (German), Peter Gonthier (physics), Fonda Green (Children's After School Achievement program), Edward Hansen (geological and environmental sciences), Steven Iannacone (dance), Michael Jipping (computer science), Brent Krueger (chemistry), John Krupczak (engineering), Mark Little (physics), Donald Luidens (sociology), Catherine Mader (physics), Greg Murray (biology), Mark Northuis (kinesiology), Graham Peaslee (chemistry, and geological and environmental sciences), Tim Pennings (mathematics), Michael Pikaart (chemistry), Rich Ray (kinesiology), Geoffrey Reynolds (Joint Archives of Holland), Joanne Stewart (chemistry), Debbie Swarthout (biology), Scott VanderStoep (psychology, and the Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research), Roger Veldman (engineering) and Leslie Wessman (education).