posted February 28, 2004

Hope Maintains Lead in MIAA Commisioner's Cup Standings

Hope College continues to lead the 2003-04 Commissioner's Cup standings after the winter sports season.

The MIAA presents separate awards for the best cumulative finish in men's and women's sports as well as an award for the best cumulative finish in all league sports (men and women). The separate awards are known as the Men's All-Sports Award and the Women's All-Sports Award while the cumulative award is known as the Commissioners' Cup.

Through the winter season, Hope leads the Men's All-Sports standings while Calvin tops the Women's All-Sports Standings.

Hope teams have already won seven MIAA championships this year. During the winter, Hope teams won league championships in men's basketball and men's and women's swimming and diving. The women's basketball team finished second. Last fall Hope teams won league championships or co-championships in men's golf, football, men's and women's soccer. The women's golf team finished second while the men's and women's cross country teams and volleyball squad ended third.

The current standings are based on each school's finishes in five of six men's sports and five of six women's sports from the fall and winter seasons. The final standings after the spring season will be determined on the basis of each college's standings in eight of nine sports for men and eight of nine sports for women. These point-totals are added together to determine the winner of the Commissioners' Cup.

Commissioner's Cup Standings thru Winter: 1. Hope 121, 2. Calvin 111, 3. Albion 85, 4. Kalamazoo 69, 5. Alma 63, 6. Olivet 40, 7. Adrian 30

Men's All-Sports Standings: 1. Hope 59, 2. Calvin 47, 3. Albion 43, 4. Kalamazoo 30, 5. Olivet 22, 6. Alma 20, 7. Adrian 17.

Women's All-Sports Standings: 1. Calvin 64, 2. Hope 62, 3. Alma 43, 4. Albion 42, 5. Kalamazoo 39, 6. Saint Mary's 31, 7. Olivet 18, 8. Adrian 13.

The Commissioner's Cup (MIAA All-Sports Award) has been presented since 1934-35. Hope has won the award 25 times, including in 2002-03. -30-