posted October 5, 2004

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin to Perform

The world-renowned Chamber Orchestra Kremlin will perform at Hope College on Saturday, Oct. 23, at 7:30 p.m. in Dimnent Memorial Chapel. In a unique twist, audience members get an early chance to flex their voting muscles as they vote for the show's program.

The first 400 ticket buyers for Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, receive a packet with a free recording with selections from 21 pieces, program notes, and directions on how the vote works. When they arrive for the performance all audience members cast their vote for three pieces, and the results are tabulated on stage, at which point the orchestra plays the pieces.

The options include music from Chamber Orchestra Kremlin's award winning albums "Rossini"; 1996 Hong Kong Record of the Year album "Encore!"; and "Shostakovich Requiem," which won the London Gramophone Critic's Choice and the New York Times Critic's Choice.

But this is no mere gimmick. The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin is one of the most highly regarded chamber orchestras performing today.

"Add the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin to your list of first-rate chamber ensembles," says "The Washington Post."

The orchestra is extremely well disciplined. They must memorize all 21 pieces on the ballot and do not know which three they will perform until they are on stage. The pressure is also on their conductor, Misha Rachlevsky.

The "New York Times" said, "...the ensemble of 18 young string players sounded fresh and energetic, and they responded to Mr. Rachlevsky with admirable flexibility."

Rachlevsky's violin studies began in Moscow at the age of five. After he settled in the United States he founded the New American Chamber Orchestra, which gained international prominence through American and European tours. In 1990, Rachlevsky returned to Moscow and founded the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin. They have been working together now for over a decade.

The "Los Angeles Times" heralded the orchestra's success. "No less than five encores were called for and played willingly and received with delight. What led up to this end was an impressive display of musicianship."

Additional information about the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin may be found on the ensemble's Web site at

The performance is being sponsored by the Hope College Patrons for the Arts.

Dimnent Memorial Chapel is located on College Avenue at 12th Street. Tickets are $14 for the general public, $12 for senior citizens, and $5 for children 18 and under. Tickets are available at the theatre lobby box office in the DeWitt Center, which is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be called at (616) 395-7890. Because of the college's fall break, the box office will not be open on Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 18-19.

The free recording is available to the first 400 ticket buyers.