posted April 12, 2005

Students to Present Research at NCUR

A total of 28 Hope College students will be making presentations during the forthcoming 19th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), being held at the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., on Wednesday-Saturday, April 20-23.

The students will be reporting on original research projects that they have conducted. They worked with faculty mentors representing disciplines at Hope including accounting, art and art history, biology, chemistry, communication, education, kinesiology, nursing, physics and engineering, political science, psychology and sociology.

The mission of NCUR, established in 1987, is to promote undergraduate research scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty or other mentors as a vital component of higher education. The annual conference is open to students from all institutions of higher learning and from all academic disciplines.

The students participating from Hope are: junior Greg Borst of Jenison; senior Andrea Brani of Oxford; senior Rachel Canfield of Whitehall; junior Kyle Cox of Marshall; senior Katherine Dekker of Menomonee Falls, Wis.; senior Helen Fylstra of Hinsdale, Ill.; senior Zachary Garrett of Spring Lake; senior Brenna Giacherio of Englewood, Ohio; senior Marcy Haik of Grandville; senior Katrina Herron of Davison; senior Kelli Hoogerhyde of Grand Rapids; senior Andrea Kaffka of Naperville, Ill.; senior Karen Kaye of Saugatuck; senior Audra King of Caledonia.

Also, senior Lindsey Kuipers of Grandville; senior Christopher Lam of Kalamazoo; senior Heidi Libner of Park Ridge, Ill.; junior Negeen Masghati of Naperville, Ill.; senior Kyle Morrison of Niles; junior Emily Nelson of Mount Morris, Ill.; senior Catherine (Annie) Otto of Byron Center; senior John Rodstrom of Mount Vernon, Ohio; sophomore Sarah Story of Glendale Heights, Ill.; junior Darren VanBeek of Orland Park, Ill.; junior Jeff Vandlen of Kalamazoo; senior Joshua Van Dop of Columbus, Ohio; senior Pamela Van Dort of Midland; and junior David Weatherly of Shelby Township.

The students' presentations and their conference categories follow:

  • Greg Borst and David Weatherly will present "The Synthesis of Poly-Electrolyte Substituted Poly (Pheneylenevinylene) for Use in Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells" (chemistry).
  • Andrea Brani and Heidi Libner will present "The Impact of a Multi-Disciplinary Intervention Program on Obesity in Pre-Adolescent Children" (health science).
  • Rachel Canfield will present "Hemispheric Specialization of Featural vs. Conjunctive Identification Strategies" (psychology).
  • Cox will present "A Route to Polyethyleneoxide Functionalized Poly (Phenylenevinylene) Via the Mannich Reaction" (chemistry).
  • Katherine Dekker and Helen Fylstra will present "The Stress of Work for Mothers" (sociology).
  • Zachary Garrett will present "The O'Connor Court's 'Jurisprudence of Doubt'" (political science).
  • Brenna Giacherio will present "Constraining the viewing geometry of radio pulsars" (astronomy).
  • Marcy Haik will present "Bedside Monitoring of Cardiac Patients in Lead VI" (nursing).
  • Katrina Herron will present "I'm Looking Through You" (studio art) and "From One Generation to the Next" (art and art history).
  • Kelli Hoogerhyde, Audra King and Christopher Lam will present "A Comparative Analysis of Accounting and Non-Accounting Business Students" (economics and business).
  • Andrea Kaffka will present "Parish Nursing Impact on the Community" (nursing).
  • Karen Kaye will present "Weaning an Infant from an Incubator to an Open Crib" (nursing).
  • Lindsey Kuipers will present "Meeting the Goal of Correct Patient Identification Set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations" (nursing).
  • Negeen Masghati will present "Changing Perceptions of Racism" (minority studies).
  • Kyle Morrison will present "Optimal Recovery from Non-Steadystate Exercise" (health science).
  • Emily Nelson will present "Effect of Pace of Economic Reform on Women Compared to Men in Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Romania" (international studies).
  • Catherine (Annie) Otto will present "Case Study of a Science and Technology Course for Non-Majors" (education).
  • John Rodstrom and Joshua VanDop will present "Wound Induced Resistance in Endophyte Infected Tall Fescue Grass" (botany).
  • Sarah Story will present "Developing radio beam geometry and luminosity models of pulsars" (astronomy).
  • Darren VanBeek will present "Development of a Combined Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Flourescence-Detected Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Method for Structural Biology" (chemistry and chemical engineering).
  • Jeff Vandlen will present "Top Heavy? Weight Discrimination among Fortune 500 Executives" (psychology).
  • Pamela Van Dort will present "Evaluating Ownership of Kenya's Poverty Reduction Strategy" (international studies).