posted June 24, 2005

Employees Recognized for Service to College

 Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 25th annual service award celebration, held in conjunction with a luncheon at the college's Haworth Inn and Conference Center on Friday, June 24.

Retiring employees recognized were: William K. Anderson, finance and advancement; Susan J. Feldkamp, advancement; Donald Housenga, physical plant; Patricia M. Keller, human resources; Katherine A. Mervau, president's office; and Betty Nyhoff, physical plant.

Honored for 25 years of service were: Gordon Borg (physical plant), Barbara Helmus (health services), Christine Nelson (Van Wylen Library) and Cheryl Shea (computing and information technology).

Recognized for 20 years of service were: Julie Barney (Hope-Geneva Bookstore), Robert Garrison (physical plant), Lori Hertel (biology), Kevin Kraay (business services), Bonnie Rietman (physical plant) and Kendra Williams (international education).

Fifteen-year honorees were: Kathleen Arnold (physical plant), Patricia Carlson (Van Wylen Library), Richard Frost (student development), John Gant (transportation), Sally Hoekstra (Hope-Geneva Bookstore), Michael Lafata (campus safety), Khamprasong Lotkhamnga (physical plant), Melanie Mason (physical plant), Greg Maybury (operations), Kathryn Maybury (computing and information technology), Barbara Miller (admissions), Patricia O'Brien (Van Wylen Library), Pamela Valkema (religion) and Yolanda Vega (Upward Bound).

Honored for 10 years of service were: Brenda Crisp (education), Debra Hardy (physical plant), Gladys Jungling (DeWitt Tennis Center), Sadie Jungling (DeWitt Tennis Center), Lisa Knapp (campus safety), Linda Koetje (communication), Glendene Lahr (campus safety), Sheryl Lunn (registrar's office), Todd Lynema (campus safety), Michael McCluskey (physical plant), Donna McConnell (DeWitt Tennis Center), Karen Page (DeWitt Tennis Center), Gerald Rademaker (physical plant), Carol Ray (health services), Kelli Shinabarger (DeWitt Tennis Center), Cheryl Smith (health services), Beth VanDyke (DeWitt Tennis Center), Randall Vereeke (physical plant) and Christine Wennersten (Hope-Geneva Bookstore).

Marking five years of service were: Erin Benzenberg-Briggs (campus safety), Diana Breclaw (student development), James Bultman (president), Henry Chen (campus safety), Fred Cronberg (physical plant), Carla Davis (human resources), Terry Derks (transportation), Marlene Field (mathematics), Wilma Hart (student development), John Hoyer (music library), Lisa Lampen (academic support), Cindy Sabo (health services), Steven Scholl (campus safety), Kimberly Swartout (advancement services), Joan VanHouten (biology), Nichole VanSlooten (student development) and Melissa Westerhof (nursing).