posted June 27, 2006

Employees Recognized for Service to College

Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's 26th annual service award celebration, held in conjunction with a luncheon at the college's Haworth Inn and Conference Center on Friday, June 23.

Retiring employees recognized were James R. Bekkering, admissions; and Jackie Heisler, Academic Support Center.

Honored for 30 years of service were Carl M. Mayer and Dave J. Vincent, both of the college's physical plant.

Recognized for 25 years of service were Kathleen S. Adamski, psychology; Henry L. Bosch, physical plant; Jerry A. Gunnink, campus safety; Marlene J. Reus, physical plant; and Mary Schakel, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre.

Marking 20 years of service were Gloria Bareman, physical plant; Elizabeth Bocks, career services; Steven P. DeJong, computing and information technology; Chris McDowell, computing and information technology; Joyce Otto, kinesiology; Mary Ann Permesang, campus safety; Lois Roelofs, geological and environmental sciences; and Elaine Van Wieren, campus safety.

Fifteen-year honorees were Diana Benzenberg, office of business and finance; Brenda Crisp, education; Glendene Lahr, campus safety; Kathryn A. Maybury, computing and information technology; Brian D. Morehouse, Dow Center; Barbara Osburn, campus ministries; and Barbara C. Scholten, education.

Honored for 10 years of service were: Erik A. Alberg, Knickerbocker Theatre; Barbara Albers, education; Tracey A. Arndt, office of the dean for the natural sciences; Robert V. Boersma, Children's After School Achievement (CASA) Program; Susan Carlson, DeWitt Tennis Center; Mary Deenik, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; David Elsbury, computing and information technology; Patricia Lemmer Gosselar, DeWitt Tennis Center; Kristen Gray, counseling center; Charlotte Hough, physical plant; Andrew R. Huisman, mail room; Jeremy L. Meyer, computing and information technology; Betty Nyhoff, physical plant; Holli J. Overbeek, business services; Rebecca S. Robrahn, computing and information technology; Norman D. Sankey, physical plant; James A. Speelman, physical plant; Susan Volkers, physical plant; and Scott T. Wolterink, college advancement.

Marking five years of service were: Habeeb G. Awad, international education; Rosanne M. Barton-DeVries, student development; Philip S. Blauw, communication; Milagro Brunink, campus safety; Tamela M. Clendening, physical plant; Michael L. Everse, campus safety; Shirley J. Harmsen, business services; Jacqueline J. Kacmar, business services; Carla Kaminski, Van Wylen Library; Dianna S. Machiela, human resources; Patricia A. Ramon, chemistry; Melinda M. Smith, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Joseph Stukey, biology; Jill M. Trujillo, Children's After School Achievement (CASA) Program; Laurie E. VanArk, Frost Research Center; and Lance VandenBrand, physical plant.