posted May 13, 2008

MIAA Commissioner's Cup Standings End in Tie

For the first time in the eight-decade-long history of the MIAA
Commissioner's Cup (All-Sports) standings, there is a tie for first
place. Hope and Calvin each accumulated 202 points in the compilation.

The MIAA Commissioner's Cup award is based on the cumulative
performance of each member school in the league's 18 sports for men
and women.

The Commissioner's Cup (MIAA All-Sports Award) has been presented
since 1934-35. The standings have been based on men's and women's
sports standings since 1981-82. The closest finish before this tie
occurred in 1999-2000 when Calvin edged Hope 178-176. Hope won the
Commissioner's Cup the next seven years (2000-01 thru 2006-07).

This year's "race" came down to the final MIAA athletic of the school
year. By winnning its final baseball game, Calvin clinched the MIAA
championship and garnered enough all-sports points to cause the tie.

Hope topped Calvin in the Men's All-Sports standings by seven points (97-90) while Calvin led the Women's All-Sports standings by a similar seven points (112-105).