posted October 16, 2008

Science Division Staff Excellence Award Initiated

Lori Hertel, director of Biology Laboratories at Hope since 1984, has been presented the newly created Dean's Science Division Staff Excellence Award for going above and beyond the call of duty to serve the department(s) and students.

The award was presented Thursday, Oct. 16, at the fall divisional luncheon.

Dean of Natural Sciences Moses Lee noted, "We are extremely proud of all the accomplishments made by students and faculty in the Natural and Applied Science Division. These accomplishments include national merit awards by students and faculty, graduate and professional schools our students attend after they graduate from Hope, the excellent reputation of our faculty in their respective national communities, the amount external funds garnered each year, the level of productivity measured by the number of peer-reviewed publications and talks at professional conferences, as well as the size of our research program. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the outstanding contributions and professionalism of our staff colleagues."

In a desire to recognize  staff colleagues' contributions, the division has enthusiastically created the Dean's Science Division Staff Excellence Award which will be presented annually at the fall divisional luncheon.