posted February 19, 2010

Employees Recognized for Service to College

Hope College staff members were recognized for service during the college's annual service award luncheon, held on Friday, Feb. 19, at the Haworth Inn and ConferenceCenter.

° Honored as retirees were Barb Albers, education, 13 years of service; Gerald Rademaker, physical plant, 15 years of service; Merrie Bannink, registrar's office, 22 years of service; Lois Roelofs, geological and environmental sciences, 24 years of service; and Gordon A. Borg, physical plant, 30 years of service.

° Recognized for 40 years of service was Jon J. Huisken, registrar's office.

° Honored for 35 years of service was Phyllis K. Hooyman, financial aid.

° Recognized for 30 years of service were Timothy W. Dys, physical plant; Alfredo Gonzales, multicultural education and international education; Christine Nelson, Van Wylen Library; and Cheryl A. Shea, computing and information technology.

° Honored for 25 years of service was Andrea Mireles, Upward Bound.

° Marking 20 years of service were Paul K. Anderson, theatre; Kathleen Arnold, physical plant; Derek Emerson, events and conferences; Richard A. Frost, student development; John B. Gant, transportation; Sally K. Hoekstra, Hope-Geneva Bookstore; Michael P. Lafata, campus safety; Khamprasong Lotkhamnga, physical plant; Barbara A. Miller, admissions; Patricia L. O'Brien, Van Wylen Library; Janet C. Pinkham, Academic Support Center; Pamela J. Valkema, religion; Kathy A. Waterstone, music; and Jan Zessin, Van Wylen Library.

° Fifteen-year honorees were Paul H. Boersma, campus ministries; Susan Beth Carlson, DeWitt Tennis Center; Patricia L. Gosselar, DeWitt Tennis Center; Kristen Gray, counseling; Debra Kay Hardy, physical plant; Linda Koetje, communication; Todd M. Lynema, campus safety; Michael F. McCluskey, physical plant; Deborah J. Nykamp, advancement services; Carol A. Ray, health services; Kimberly L. Salisbury, college advancement; Cheryl L. Smith, health services; and Randall Vereeke, physical plant.

° Honored for 10 years of service were Robert L. Bos, mail room; James E. Bultman, president; Fred Cronberg, physical plant; Marlene B. Field, dean for the natural and applied sciences office; Wilma J. Hart, student development; John R. Hoyer, Van Wylen Library; Gregory C. Kern, admissions; Lisa M. Lampen, Academic Support Center; Amy E. Otis-DeGrau, international education; Heather L. Roden, events and conferences; Cindy L. Sabo, health services; and Steven M. Scholl, campus safety.

° Marking five years of service were Paul Chamness, campus ministries; Krista M. Deur, human resources; Sharon K. Dreyer, physical plant; John J. Dykstra, Van Wylen Library; Daphne P. Fairbanks, Van Wylen Library; Eric K. Foster, college advancement; Lisa Frissora, education; William C. Large, physical plant; Edward Serrano, physical plant; Cathy L. Stoel, mathematics; Trudi A. VanderPloeg, career services; and Hector Zuniga, physical plant.