posted April 27, 2010

Art Students Designing for Palazzolo’s in Fennville

The students in "Basic Design" ART 105 at Hope College are pursuing a bonus goal as they work on their final projects:  an opportunity to help launch a new product line for Palazzolo's Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto in Fennville.

As a start-to-finish project, each student has been challenged to develop an original flavor for Palazzolo's new organic line of artisan gelato--along with a logo, magazine advertisement and other promotional items. One of the flavors created by a student will become the first in Palazzolo's new line of organic gelato.

The course's instructor, Stephanie Milanowski, noted that the unusual assignment has a serious purpose. As design professionals, she said, the students might find themselves asked to take on a wide variety of projects, developing them from concept through presentation and implementation.

While only one flavor and logo design will make the final cut, Milanowski has enjoyed the variety she's seen as the students have worked through their creative process.

"We have two Basic Design sections filled with original flavors students have created. We have a caramel fuji apple, a chocolate covered strawberry, and a lemonbar crunch to name a few," she said.  "It's exciting to see so many different ideas and beautifully crafted presentations."

On Wedsnesday, April 28, owner Pete Palazzolo will visit the students to hear presentations and select the top three designs from the design hopefuls.

However the final selection turns out, Milanowski noted that she's appreciated both the chance to involve the class in the community and the spirit in which the students have done their work while seeking the ultimate prize of having their creation become part of Palazzolo's new organic line.

"It's a neat collaboration between students and Palazzolo's," she said.  "It's not a contest or competition - the students are helping each other, they're having fun - nurturing each other's talents."