posted May 20, 2011

Students Receive Summer Research Awards Title

Eight Hope students have received Dean's Science Division Research Awards to conduct research at the college this summer.

The students who were honored with the awards are Joseph Adamson, Lien Brusselmans, Matthew Eiles, Nicholas Hubley, Erica Jansen, Leah LaBarge, Hsaing Lin and Andreana Rosnik.

Presented by the division of natural and applied sciences, the awards provide stipends to conduct summer research at the college collaboratively with members of the faculty for 10 weeks.  A recipient was named for each department within the division.

Considerations for the $3,900 awards include interest in science, promise of research and scientific accomplishment, academic standing and departmental endorsement.  The recipients are also eligible for a subsidy for summer housing on campus.

The eight competitively selected recipients are among more than 160 students conducting research at the college this summer supported from endowed funds at the college as well as through external grants received by Hope and individual faculty members.  The students include Hope students, students from other colleges and universities, and high school students; area high school teachers are also among the researchers.  A total of 42 Hope faculty in the natural and applied sciences division are engaged in research this summer.

° Joseph Adamson is a sophomore from Battle Creek and conducting research in mathematics.  He is working with Dr. Brian Yurk, assistant professor of mathematics, on the research project "Insect Development in a Changing Climate."

° Lien Brusselmans is a senior from Plainwell and conducting research in nursing.  She is working with Dr. Susan Dunn, associate professor of nursing and chairperson of the department, on the research project "Exercise, Hopelessness and Depression in Heart Disease."


° Matthew Eiles is a junior from Beaverton, Ore., and conducting research in physics.  He is working with Dr. Peter Gonthier, professor of physics, on the research project "Radio and High-Energy Nonthermal Emission from Neutron Stars."

° Nicholas Hubley is a sophomore from Fox River Grove, Ill., and conducting research in engineering.  He is working with Dr. Michael Misovich, associate professor of engineering, on the research project "Chemical Property Modeling."

° Erica Jansen is a senior from Auburn, Ind., and conducting research in biology.  She is working with Dr. K. Gregory Murray, professor of biology, on the research project "Ecological Patterns to Guide Antimicrobial Bioprospecting."

° Leah LaBarge is a junior from Hudsonville and conducting research in the geological and environmental sciences.  She is working with Dr. Edward Hansen, professor of geology and environmental science, and Dr. Brian Yurk, assistant professor of mathematics, on the research project "Modeling Plant Population Dynamics in Sand Dunes."

° Hasing Lin is a sophomore from Shanghai, China, and conducting research in computer science.  He is working with Dr. Charles Cusack, assistant professor of computer science, on the research project "Human Computing Games for Graph Problems."

° Andreana Rosnick is a junior from ShelbyTownship and conducting research in chemistry.  She is working with Dr. William Polik, who is the Edward and Elizabeth Hofma Professor of Chemistry, on the research project "Computational Chemistry of Highly Energetic Molecules."