posted October 14, 2011

Advising and Teaching Award to Be Named for Mary DeYoung

The "Dean's Science Division Mentoring/Advising/Teaching Award" is being renamed for faculty member Mary DeYoung, who died this summer, in honor of her outstanding dedication to working with students.

Dr. Moses Lee, who is dean for the natural and applied sciences and professor of chemistry, announced the name change during the division's annual fall luncheon on Thursday, Oct. 13, in the A. Paul Schaap Science Center. The award, "The Mary J. DeYoung Natural and Applied Sciences Division Faculty Mentoring, Advising and Teaching Award," will next be given during the division's spring luncheon on Thursday, March 8, in the science center.

"I am convinced this is the most fitting way to honor our beloved colleague Mary DeYoung and her exemplary record as a long-time teacher, mentor and advisor," said Dr. Moses Lee, dean for the natural and applied sciences and professor of chemistry." She would have been very deserving of this award, since she was nominated several times in the past. Students spoke enthusiastically and warmly of her and they revered her as a professor. She will be missed, but with this award her legacy at Hope College will forever be cherished."

The student-centered award recognizes a faculty member who has gone beyond the call of duty in being an exceptional mentor, advisor and teacher to students. Award criteria include classroom teaching and instruction; research mentoring; and advising (either academic, career, or student clubs and organizations). Faculty are nominated in writing for the award by upperclassmen upon consultation with their respective student colleagues in each of the eight NAS departments. A maximum of two nominations can be made by students from each department. Eventually the student leaders meet with Lee to select the winner from among the nominees.

DeYoung, an associate professor of mathematics, died on Monday, July 25, 2011, at age 58 after a brief battle with cancer. Her teaching and scholarly emphasis was on mathematics education. The college presented her with its Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010 in recognition of her work and perseverance in preparing pre-service elementary teachers for careers in education, including through her teaching as well as by serving as the official academic advisor for many mathematics elementary-education majors and as an informal advisor for other elementary students.