posted December 14, 2011

Servant Leaders Recognizing Servant Leaders

This fall LDRS 401 students were given the task to improve the Center for Faithful Leadership's student servant leader award process and to help Van Raalte Tech students initiate the same.

At Hope, a larger nomination pool, the involvement of a panel of judges from both the Hope College (Dee Campanella, Jesus Montano) and West Michigan communities (Paul Jones, Brenda VanderMeulen, Jessica Woodworth), a written statement from all the nominees and a 20-minute interview for the finalists, a presentation by Dean Frost during halftime of a basketball game, and the naming of five outstanding finalists was the result.

The five students named are (pictured left to right): Samantha Madson, Sam Tzou, Amber Rogers, (and not pictured), Nate Love, and Caitlin Peirce. Of those five finalists, two were chosen as recipients of the 2011 Student Servant Leader Award: Sam Tzou and Amber Rogers. Nate Love is described as someone who "embodies everything it is to be a self-less leader. Although he has been the cross country team's MVP for the last two years, you will never hear him boast of his accomplishments, but boast of those by his teammates."

In addition to being a cross country team captain and an excellent student, Nate is also a national representative of Hope College. Samantha Madson is a recipient of the Herman Miller Art Award and a member of the National Political Science Honor Society. She is described as being "actively engaged, generous with her time and gifts" and a person who seeks "justice for all people." She is president of the Women's Issues Organization, a STEP program assistant, a board member of Women in Transition, and a co-leader of Hope is Ready. Caitlin Peirce is Vice President of the Biology Club, a mentor with ASC, and a leader on Spring Break mission trips. She is described as someone who "exemplifies servant leadership" both as a leader and a doer, a person both "unfailingly pleasant and optimistic" and "willing to go the extra mile to help others," and someone who is the force behind the scenes when not in a leadership position. Amber Rogers is described as a person who lives out the characteristics of someone who "does not seek promotion and is others-centered." Since her sophomore year, Amber has been an "integral part" of the LAUP ESL instructor team, an "exemplary teacher in her pedagogy, her commitment, and in her passion for people." Amber also serves as a Trio Upward Bound Academic Coach. Sam Tzou is a Resident Assistant, Talmidim Group Leader, mentor to first-year and sophomore students in Wyckoff, and leader of a mission trip to Uganda. Sam is also a budding social entrepreneur and researcher in both the social and natural sciences. Sam is described as someone who "impacts" many people here and abroad because he puts their interests before his own.