Computer Science Colloquium - “How Computer Gaming Brings Social Justice to Rehabilitation” - Aaron Striegel, PhD, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Notre Dame.

November 06, 2012 | 11:00 AM |
VanderWerf 102

 Rehabilitation following a traumatic event or major surgery often involves considerable time, effort, and expense in an attempt to restore a sense of normalcy to the patient. A key component of returning life to normal can be found in balance, namely without balance, many of the activities associated with normal life become nearly impossible. Despite trends towards evidentiary-based medicine, the instrumentation of rehabilitation is still quite costly easily eclipsing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The recent rise in inexpensive motion-based video hardware afford unique opportunities to leverage of the economy of scale afforded by said hardware through the development of customized, rehabilitation-centric solutions. In this talk, I will present an overview of the WeHab rehabilitation system developed by an inter-disciplinary team at the University of Notre Dame that leverages the low-cost nature of the Wii Balance Board to deliver a radically low-cost solution for instrumenting and delivering real-time feedback during rehabilitation. I will conclude the talk with a vision of where rehabilitation is going and how advances in gaming are delivering a greater social good by enabling such applications.