Hope College Human Trafficking Awareness Week: Movie and Discussion - "Not My Life"

February 19, 2013 | 7:00 PM |
Winants Auditorium, Graves Hall

Not My Life unflinchingly, but with enormous dignity and compassion, depicts the unspeakable practices of a multi-billion dollar global industry whose profits, as the film's narration says, "are built on the backs and in the beds of our planet's youth."  

While acknowledging that trafficking and slavery are universal crimes, affecting millions of human beings all over the world, Not My Life zeroes in on the fact that the vast majority of trafficking and slavery victims are children.

Co-sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program, Hope United for Justice, International Studies Program, Department of History, Department of Religion, Department of Economics, Management and Accounting, Department of Political Science, Department of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, Department of Communication, Dean of the Chapel’s Office, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Dean of Social Science, Dean for International Education and Multicultural Life.