Searching the Sacred Lecture

April 09, 2013 | 4:00 PM |
Martha Miller Center, room 135

Searching the Sacred Lecture: Paul and the Popular Philosophers as Moral Mentors: Toward Formation and Discipleship Today”  by Dr. Max Lee, Associate Professor of New Testament, North Park Seminary, Chicago, IL.  

Sponsored by the Department of Religion and the Philiosophy Department and Phelps Scholars Program. 

Dr. Max Lee (Associate Professor of New Testament, North Park Seminary) will be giving a lecture that will appeal to faculty, staff and students who seek to learn more about the role that a liberal arts education can play in the character and moral formation of persons. In the spirit of answering the question: "What doesAthenshave to do withJerusalem" - Dr. Lee proposes to show that popular philosophers like Epictetus, Seneca, Plutarch and Galen offered a vision of life well beyond that of material success. In fact, they viewed education as the furnishing of a moral soul, and did so by fostering relationships with mentors.St. Paulinteracts with and radicalizes this mentoring tradition, showing how persons can break patterns of sin, achieve mastery over the passions, and pursue justice. This lecture has direct implications for our Christian liberal arts curriculum, theological education, and the spiritual and moral formation of students.

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