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Important Date for the DAA Award:

All portfolios and application materials are due no later than February 12, 2014.











DAA Application Checklist


  • Your Portfolio (Labeled Slides or CD with Digital Images: Title, Medium, & your name)

  • A Completed application from

  • The colored postcard, stamped and addressed to you. If you do not receive this postcard in the mail from us; we have not received your portfolio. Please contact the DAA Coordinator (616) 395-7500. (Please visit the FAQ page; "How will I know the DAA Coordinator has received my portfolio?")

    *If you have downloaded the application off of our webpage, please also download the postcard so we can mail it back to you (like a receipt) when we've received your application. Click here for a link to that file.

  • A Self-Addressed Stamped Return Envelope (For the return of your application materials and slides or CD.)

  • If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call (616 395-7500) the DAA Coordinator.