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Arts and Humanities Fair - REGISTRATION FORM

Please complete the on-line registration form below or print out and send in by September 25, 2009!

Cost? Free if you are not eating lunch on campus or are providing your own sack lunch.

On-campus Student Lunch is $3(NOTE CHANGE FROM $5)/each (unless travel is 50+ miles, then students are $2(NOTE CHANGE FROM $3)/each) and all High School Educators are FREE!!! 

Please send in your lunch fee to the name/address below by 9/25/09. Checks made payable to HOPE COLLEGE


Rajean Wolters - Fair Coordinator
Arts and Humanities
Office of the Dean
Hope College
Lubbers Hall #124
126 E. 10th Street
Holland, MI  49423
Phone: 616.395.7748
FAX: 616.396.7648
School Name:
City, State, Zip:
E-mail Address:

Faculty Participants

Name: Area of Interest/Subject Area:

High School Educator(s)

Do you wish to each lunch with participating Hope faculty/Hope Students in the Otte Room adjacent to Phelps Dining Hall or join your high school students?

Yes! I/We wish to attend the banquet room luncheon.

# participating in the banquet room luncheon.

No, I/We prefer to join the high school students for lunch.

Our school will NOT be participating in the on-campus lunch.

High School Educator(s)

Do you wish to attend the afternoon Visitation Day events?

Yes! We wish to attend the 1:15-2pm (check one)

Student Panel Discussions #attending


Meet the Faculty/Department (see campus map provided)

Yes! We wish to attend the 2-2:35pm Meet the Faculty/Department


Yes! We wish to join the 2:40 pm Residential Life/Student Activities/Residential Hall Tours. #attending

Student Participants

Please list the names of students that are participating. Also mark which session(s) each student plans to attend. In each box below, please put the student's first choice letter, followed by their second and third choice for each session. (Example: a,c,b in box "Session 1", b,c,a in box "sesssion 2", d,a,b for "session 3")


Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

If you are registering more than 25 students, please enter additional students below. Include their names and which session(s) each student plans to attend.