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Our Approach

We include students in our personal research because we believe that students best learn biology by doing biology.

Our Mission

The Hope College Biology Department exists to introduce students to the broad scope of knowledge about living things, to cultivate in them the craft of scientific inquiry, to prepare them for employment or graduate study in any of biology's rapidly changing subdisciplines or in the health professions, and to create and communicate new knowledge about the living world.

Our Vision

The Hope College Department of Biology will be widely recognized as one of the premier undergraduate programs in biology in the nation. We will be recognized as exemplary by established scientists, by potential, present and past students, by funding agencies, and by the educational community in general for the quality of the students we pass on to graduate and professional programs, for the facility with which our graduates adapt to the ever changing fields within biology, and to the job market, as well as for the productivity of our faculty and staff in creating new knowledge within our various subdisciplines.


The basic objectives of the Department's program are for students to:

  • Be active learners - that is to learn biology by doing biology.
  • Learn the basic set of principles and factual knowledge about each of the major areas of biology.
  • Learn to design, carry out, analyze, report and critique scientific studies.
  • Do in-depth study in at least one area of biology.
  • Recognize the role and limitations of biology in understanding and solving some of the major problems facing humankind.
  • Make ethical decisions regarding biological concerns.
  • Correctly utilize the major instrumentation and techniques of modern biology.
  • Understand and utilize both mathematics and chemistry in biological work.
  • Place biology within the overall context of the natural sciences, the liberal arts, and human endeavor.