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Student using a survey system "Over the past 5 years the Biology Department has purchased over $416,281 worth of new equipment"

The Biology department utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to perform research in cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, ecology, genetics, neuroscience, behavior, physiology, and bioinformatics. Students work independently or side-by-side with faculty to use this equipment for their research projects.

The biology department is extremely well-equipped to support faculty and student research and laboratory coursework. For example, during the past 5 years the department purchased over $416,281 worth of new equipment including Lab Products ventilated animal cage and waste removal systems, 2 light ceptometers, 6 PowerLab data acquisition systems, a LiCor photosynthesis system, an intracellular electrophysiology recording system, a Cephied Real-time PCR and a Columbus Instruments Oxymax system. Departmental computing facilities are excellent.

In addition, students and faculty doing research in biology have access to a wide range of equipment and professional expertise in other science departments.