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Visitation & Use Policy

The primary use of the nature preserve property is for teaching and research by Hope College students and faculty. Several hundred Hope College students use the site for class projects every year, and several faculty members maintain long-term research projects that are sensitive to disturbance. As such, other uses such as hunting, camping, horseback riding, off-road vehicle use, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing are incompatible and are strictly prohibited.

Similarly, any collecting of plants, timber (previously fallen or otherwise) or animals (including insects) is strictly forbidden. Violators of these policies have been and will continue to be prosecuted for trespassing.

Bird watching and other non-destructive nature study by persons other than Hope College faculty and students is permitted, however, with the written permission of the biology department. Any dogs accompanying visitors to the preserve must be on a leash. Persons interested in access to the property for such purposes should contact Dr. K. Greg Murray at (616) 395-7716, or via email (gmurray@hope.edu).