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Picture of Kathy Winnett-Murray Kathy Winnett-Murray Professor of Biology


  • Organismal Biology labs (Biology 260 - required intro course for biology majors)
  • Vertebrate Zoology (Biology 432; upper level elective, lecture/lab/field)
  • Animal Behavior (Biology 370; upper level elective, lab/field)
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology lab (Biology 280; required intro course for biology majors)
  • Regional Flora and Fauna (GEMS 204; an introductory course in natural history for non-science majors)
  • Populations in Changing Environments (GEMS 153; a freshman-level, non-majors, lecture/lab/field ecology course that integrates general education objectives in mathematics and science)
  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (Biology 332; upper level elective, lecture/lab)
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Contact Details

Phone: 616-395-7719
Fax: 616-395-7125
E-mail: winnetmurray@hope.edu
Office: Science Center 2023

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