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Picture of Stephen Scogin Stephen Scogin Assistant Professor of Biology and Education


  • B.S. Biology, Stephen F. Austin State University, 1993
  • M.S. Biology, Stephen F. Austin State University, 1995
  • Ed.S. Educational Administration, Pensacola Christian College, 2010
  • Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction in Science Education, Texas A&M University, 2014

Research Interests

Originally trained as a scientist, I embrace research as a means of discovery. As an educator, I have an appreciation for research as a tool to inform practice. Science education research has united both of my passions, and I have come to value the use of diverse research methods to address unique problems in both science and education.

In all of my projects, I try to focus on asking relevant questions that advance scientific learning as well as provide relevant outcomes that educators can use to better teach science. My research projects have targeted many different organizational levels of K-12 institutions including school-wide, science program, and individual classrooms. These projects have investigated school policy, science teacher retention, student engagement in science, motivational support in online learning environments, and scientist/student partnerships.

Since coming to Hope College, my interests have broadened to include the distinctive undergraduate research component for which Hope is known. I am particularly interested in learning how these unique apprenticeship-type relationships contribute to student motivation and retention in the sciences. In addition, I am asking questions about how these research experiences contribute to learning outcomes that extend far beyond the rote and inert learning all-too-common in science classrooms. I believe research in these areas will inform practices to improve science instruction, increase STEM participation, and promote interdisciplinary cooperation.


I am new to Michigan, having moved here in the summer of 2014 from Texas. Growing up in Texas, I spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Through these early experiences, I developed a love of the outdoors and nature. As a result, I pursued degrees in biology with a particular focus in aquatic ecology. I went on to work in industry, primarily focusing on responsible waste management programs to preserve natural ecology and protect water resources.

While teaching laboratory courses during my masters degree work, I realized, to my surprise, I had a passion for teaching. After several years in private industry, I decided to move into education and have been involved with classroom learning in some capacity ever since. I have taught science at many levels including junior high, high school, and college. I transitioned to educational administration in 2005, serving as Head of School for a private school in Texas for six years prior to completing my Ph.D. degree in science education.

I have been married for 20 years to my wonderful wife, Holly. We have two great children: our son, Peyton, and daughter, Emily.


  • Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)
  • National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)
  • School Science and Mathematics Association (SSMA)
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Contact Details

Phone: 616-395-7362
Fax: 616-395-7125
E-mail: scogin@hope.edu
Office: Science Center 3059

Office Hours

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