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Picture of Thomas L. Bultman Thomas L. Bultman Professor of Biology


Publications - last 5 years

  • Bultman, T.L., C. Pulas*, L. Grant*, G. Bell*, T.J. Sullivan. 2006. Effects of Fungal Endophyte Isolate on Performance and preference of Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid. Environmental Entomology 35:1690-1695.
  • Sullivan, T.J., J. Rodstom*, J. Vandop*, J. Librizzi*, C. Graham*, C. L. Schardl, and T. L. Bultman. 2007. Symbiont-mediated changes in defensive strategy in the invasive grass Lolium arundinaceum: evidence from changes in gene expression and foliar elemental composition. New Phytologist 176:673-679.
  • Bultman, T.L. and D.J. DeWitt*. 2008. Effect of an Invasive Ground Cover Plant on the Abundance and Diversity of a Forest Floor Spider Assemblage. Biological Invasions 10:749-756.
  • Gonthier*, D.J., T.J. Sullivan, K.L. Brown, B. Wurtzel*, R. Lawal*, K. VandenOever*, Z. Buchan*, T.L. Bultman. 2008. Stroma-forming endophyte Epichloe glyceriae provides wound-inducible resistance to its grass host. Oikos 177:629-633.
  • Simons*, L., T.L. Bultman, and T.J. Sullivan. 2008. Effects of Methyl Jasmonate and an Endophytic Fungus on Plant Resistance to Insect Herbivores. Journal of Chemical Ecology 34:1511-1517.

  • Bultman, T.L. and A. Leuchtmann. 2008. Biology of the Epichloe-Botanophila Interaction: an Intriguing Association between Fungi and Insects. Fungal Biology Reviews 22:131-138.
  • Swarthout, D., E. Harper*, S. Judd*, D. Gonthier*, T. Stowe, and T. Bultman. 2009. Water-use efficiency and photosynthesis in drought-stressed endophyte-infected and non-infected K-31 tall fescue grasses. Environmental and Experimental Botany 66: 88-93.
  • Bultman, T.L., J.L. Rodstrom*, K.R. Radabaugh*, J.D. VanDop*, J.M. Librizzi*, L.L. Longwell*, C. Pulas*, L. Grant*, and T. J. Sullivan. 2009. Influence of genetic variation in fungal endophyte of a grass on an herbivore and its parasitoid. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 130: 173-180.
  • Bultman, T.L., A. Leuchtmann, T.J. Sullivan, and A. Dreyer*. 2011. Do Botanophila flies provide reproductive isolation between two species of Epichloe fungi? A field test. New Phytologist 190: 206-212.
  • Bultman, T.L., A. Aguilera*, T.J. Sullivan. In press. Influence of Fungal Isolates infecting tall fescue on multitrophic interactions. Fungal Ecology.
  • BookChapters
    Bultman, T.L., T.J. Sullivan, M.H. Cortez, and T. Pennings. 2009. Extensions to and Modulation of Defensive Mutualism in Grass Endophytes. in press. Defensive Mutualism in Symbiotic Associations. Torres, M. and White, J.F., Jr. (Eds.). Taylor & Francis Publ.
  • * denotes undergraduate student

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