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Awards & Recognition

Our graduates' achievements demonstrate the success of our "teaching through research" approach. Approximately one-third of our Biology and Chemistry students pursue graduate education within 3 years of graduation. In a report prepared for the Ford Foundation (Fuller, C.H. GLCA Study, 1989), Hope College ranked 64th out of all institutions in the number of graduates who have earned Ph.D.s in the life sciences. In the Franklin and Marshall College publication on baccalaureate sources of Ph.D.s (1989), Hope College is 11th nationally in biology and 2nd nationally in chemistry (among almost 900 four-year private undergraduate institutions). More recently, the National Science Foundation identified Hope as one of the top 25 liberal arts institutions for training students who receive Ph.D.s in science (NSF report 96-334, 1996).

Two members of our department have received state and national awards for excellence in teaching. The department has a record of leadership in organizations such as PKAL, Council on Undergraduate Research, American Physiological Society, Ecological Society of America, Environmental Mutagen Society, and the Woodrow Wilson High School Leadership Institute. During the past 5 years, biology professors have received $2,788,049 in external grants and $108,640 in internal grants.

The productivity and impact of our research program is high in comparison to other liberal arts colleges: Hope College ranked 9th in number of papers, 10th in number of citations and 12th in impact of publications in the life sciences, as measured by Science Citation Index (Garfield, E., Current Contents 25: 5-11, 1993).