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department happenings

Invitations to join the Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society were mailed to eligible students on March 30 (campus mail and snail mail). Watch your mailbox for your official letter!

June Term in South Africa: Student Photos and Reflections Displayed
Congratulations to Sarah Harvin (PSYCH) and Samantha Hill (COMM) who participated in the 2016 June Term in South Africa with Prof. Deirdre Johnston. They were invited to display photos and reflections from their experience at a reception for the traveling exhibit "Between the Shadow and the Light: An Exhibition out of South Africa" at the DePree Art Center & Gallery on February 3.

Students' Research Accepted for Presentation at NCUR
Congratulations to communication majors whose research projects were accepted for presentation at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research 2017! Their projects were chosen from more than 4,000 submissions, and they now have the opportunity to travel to the University of Memphis in April to present their work to peers, faculty, and staff from all over the nation.

Jean Luc Miralda: "A Photovoice Analysis of Happiness in Honduras, USA and Japan"
Kelsie Nyhuis: "A Feminist Reading of Darling Magazine"
Allison Schultz: "We've been Trumped! Personality Predictors of Voting Behavior"
Olivia Skatrud: "Media Games: The Non-Athletic Framing of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games by the American Media"
Parker Weaver: "Racist Discourse on the Internet: A Study on 4chan"

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Congratulations to Noah Jurik and Tony Byrne for taking first place in the Mini-Documentary category at the 2016 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards with their production titled "Shaped by Flames." Produced as a class project in the Documentary course in Fall 2015, "Shaped by Flames" explores a chapter of Hope College and the City of Holland history through the lens of the well-known VanRaalte Hall fire in 1980 and its continuing impact on the community. Watch it on YouTube.