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department happenings

Welcome back, students!

Watch your email for details on the the annual Communication Department Fall Picnic -- to be held on Tuesday, September 9.

The Communication Department is pleased to introduce Prof. Marissa Doshi as a full-time member of the faculty. During fall semester she will teach COMM151-Intro to Mass Media and COMM255-Writing for Media. Click here to learn more about Prof. Doshi and her research interests.




The April 2014 issue of the Communication Department newsletter is now available. Click here to read.

Kudos to the students in Dr. Johnston's fall 2013 Honors course. All nine students had their research projects accepted for presentation at NCUR!

  • Gloria Holder, Allison Vanderveld and Ashley Fraley, "Facebook: Friend or Foe for Self-Esteem and Happiness"
  • Haley Donahue, Christy Miller, and Lydia Wathen, "Community Involvement, Culture and Happiness"
  • Sarah Manke, "Cultural Storytelling and Happiness"
  • Kathyrn Acker and Kate Pitchford, "Family Matters: The Impact of Culture on Family Interactions and of Family Interactions with Peer Relations"

Christy Miller presenting at NCUR 2014, University of Kentucky.

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A degree in communication will serve you well. "With the unemployment situation the way it is right now, I would be considering what degree to get more closely than any other time in history," says Susan Heathfield, About.com's Human Resources Guide. "If you want to be employable in this economy and the future, you have to have valuable skills." Click here to read the Yahoo.net article.