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The Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society was established by the Speech Communication Association (now NCA) in 1985 to acknowledge the academic achievements of undergraduate students of communication. Hope College has the distinction of having one of the first LPH student chapters in the country. In 1989, the Department of Communication at Hope College inaugurated the Alpha Delta Chapter of LPH.

Our chapter exists to recognize outstanding academic achievement by students of communication and to promote communication scholarship at Hope College. The chapter sends membership invitations to qualifying students each year. New members are welcomed into the Honor Society at an induction ceremony where they receive a certificate and pin indicating their membership. For more information, contact the Hope LPH advisor Prof. Jayson Dibble.

Hope College Alpha Delta Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta

2015-16 Officers

President: Alyssa Merges
Vice President: Leah Murray
Secretary: Brianna Roegner
Treasurer: Sarah Gould
Social Development Committee Chair:
Professional Development Committee Chair:
Philanthropy Committee Chair: Jordyn Stump


Jonathon Anderson
Briana Armand
Thomas Batts
Mckenna Bland
Natalie Brown
Alison Claucherty
Madeline Cole
Hope Daniel
Amanda Dort
Elizabeth Eader
Abigail Emerson
Angelique Gaddy

Elizabeth Gawron
Sarah Gould
Sophie Guetzko
Catherine Hagenbush
Rachel Hoffman
Siyang Hu

Alexandra Huss
Taylor Jones
Noah Jurik
Claire Leitzen
Meredith Martin
Alyssa Merges
Nicole Metzler
Leah Murray
Paige Niven

Kelsie Nyhuis
Lisa Rosema
Carly Schweppe
Madeline Scott
Katherine Smith
Jordyn Stump
Allison Urban
Eric VanSwol
Jessica White