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2016 Course Descriptions

COMM395: Humor, Communication, and Culture
Dr. Jayson Dibble

Key Questions to be Explored:

What is humor?
Do all cultures experience some form of humor?
Is it more appropriate to think about a sense of humor or senses of humor?
What do a culture's humor norms say about the values, attitudes, dispositions, and concerns of that culture's people?
How does humor in the U.S. compare with that in the U.K.?


IDS495: Senior Seminar
From Facebook to Faces: Ways of Belonging
Dr. Isolde K. Anderson

This course will examine the many ways we connect with one another and create community – face to face and online. We will critique our consumer society, consider ways to reweave the social fabric when it has worn thin, and reflect on the possibilities of virtual community. We will use the city of Liverpool, U.K., as our resource for learning about different types of communities. Liverpool Hope University will be our home base for producing personal websites to record our research and analysis. Readings and discussion, creation of a personal website, and a world-and-life-view paper will provide a framework for reflecting on where you live (geographically and virtually) and what you live for.

Key Questions to Be Explored:
What is community?
What does a healthy neighborhood look like?
What is online community?
What is Christian community?
What resources for community-building are available in the Christian tradition?