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Organizational Communication
and Leadership

Courses Offered

Comm 220. Task Group Leadership

This course focuses on understanding and developing communication competence in small groups. This involves learning how to function effectively as part of a team, as well as exercising appropriate leadership. Topics include group development, competitive vs. cooperative climates, decisionmaking
and problem-solving, power resources, and conflict management.

Comm 330. Organizational Communication

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of how communication processes work in organizations. The first section of the course focuses on theories of organizations, including classical theory, humanistic theories, systems theory, cultural theories, and critical theories. The second
section focuses on the challenges and misunderstandings that face organizations, such as recruitment and socialization of members, conflict management, and superiorsubordinate communication.

Comm 335. Leadership Skills and Perspectives

This course exmaines the complex and rich process of leadership in two main ways: 1) by studying the main theories of leadership, including traits, skills, styles, situational and transformational leadership, as well as leadership ethics; and 2) by teaching the essential competencies leaders need to be effective, through personal assessment and group projects. This course helps students develop leadership skills, practice critical thinking, engage the local community and integrate their faith with their understanding of leadership. Jurnior standing or permission of the instructor required.