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Academic internships are “win-win” situations – host organizations and students alike benefit from participating in an internship program. The Department of Communication prepares students for our rapidly-changing society with important transferable skills: critical thinking and problem-solving, diversity education, analysis of quantitative and qualitative information, and effective oral and written communication of ideas.

Student benefits
Employers appreciate work experience in newly graduated job applicants. Internships are seen as a way for students to help translate academic preparation into marketable job skills. Thus, internships not only provide students with valuable work experience, but they also provide a means for building the bridge between their academic coursework and solidifying career decisions.

Host organization benefits
The primary benefit for a host organization is that it can evaluate a prospective employee nearly risk-free. A semester-long internship, rather than a brief interview, allows accurate assessment of competencies. In turn, many companies hire their most competent interns for full-time positions after graduation. Additional internship benefits for the organization include the following:

  • inexpensive sources of competent assistance without paying fringe benefits;
  • highly motivated and productive employees;
  • the release of full-time employees from routine tasks;
  • fresh perspectives and new ideas;
  • the opportunity to evaluate and cultivate potential full-time employees.

What’s the big deal about internships?

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Office of Career Services INTERNSHIP Website
See the OCS Internship website for helpful information and tips on finding an internship as well as a list of local internships.