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Everything you need to know about COMM399: Communication Internship

1. Why are internships required for COMM majors?

  1. After being prepared inside the classroom, the academic internship (COMM399) can provide you with real world experience in:

    -critical thinking
    -diversity education
    -analysis of quantitative and qualitative information
    -effective oral and written communication of ideas
  2. Additionally, you can expect to:

    -gain valuable work experience
    -discover career directions
    -bring value to your host organization

2. May I fulfill this requirement in other ways?
Yes. You may enroll in an approved domestic or international off-campus program. If you are interested in this alternative, you should talk with your academic advisor.

3. What are the requirements to participate in an internship?
Here is a helpful checklist to confirm you meet all of the requirements to enroll in COMM399:

attend an Internship Workshop
declare a COMM major
achieve at least junior status
complete a minimum of 16 COMM credits
earn at least a 2.7 GPA in the COMM major
read the COMM399 Student Handbook

4. What if my major GPA is below 2.7?
You should meet with your academic advisor to discuss your options.

5. What are the steps to apply?
To be approved for an academic internship (COMM399) you must complete these four steps:

  1. Confirm you meet all of the requirements listed above.
  2. Complete the online Application for Admission to Communication Internship Program. If you email your responses to yourself, you can keep the link and check the status of your application.
  3. Email a PDF of your detailed degree evaluation to the Internship Director.
  4. Obtain a recommendation from a Communication Department faculty member by providing him or her with the link to the Faculty Recommendation Form.

6. I've been approved for COMM399, now what?
The next phase is to secure an internship:

  1. Once approved for the program by the Internship Director, you secure an internship in one of two ways:
    1. secure an internship posted by the Career Development Center on JobStop
    2. secure your own internship and have it approved by the Career Development Center using this Internship Approval Form.
  2. After your internship is secured and approved, request an Internship Agreement form. The Internship Director will email you the form which both you and your site supervisor must complete. Your site supervisor must confirm that you will be working at least 168 hours during the course of the internship.
  3. Once the Internship Director approves the Internship Agreement Form, complete the Academic Internship Registration form and turn it in to the Registrar's Office to enroll in COMM399.

7. What if I haven't secured an internship prior to registration?
You should complete the Permission to Register for an Academic Internship form which allows you to enroll in COMM099. This will hold a place in your schedule so you are still eligible for housing assignments and financial aid determinations.

8. What other resources are available to me?

  1. If you need help identifying places to apply for an internship, talk with the Internship Director or personnel in the Career Development Office.
  2. Orient yourself with the whole program by reading the Internship Program Overview.
  3. Read the detailed COMM399 Student Handbook.
  4. Browse what past interns have to say about their experiences on the Anonymous Referrals page.
  5. Use this Internship Search Process Form to track your search efforts.

9. What other resources are available to my site supervisor?

  1. When seeking an internship, you may wish to give the host organization a copy of the document, Hosting an Academic Internship.
  2. Employers who are interested may orient themselves with the whole program by reading the Site Supervisor Handbook.