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What’s the big deal about internships?
If you’re not sure about doing an internship, if you have questions about the advantages of internships, or if you’d just like to hear what past interns have to say, check out what some recent graduates share about their student internship experiences.
These past interns also offer up advice about internships.

Below, you’ll find experiences in a not-for-profit organization, in marketing, and in mass media.

Not-For-Profit Organization – Erin Schumaker, 2008 Graduate
March of Dimes
“ During my internship with the March of Dimes I learned how to work with all kinds of people. Working in groups for a school project is one thing, but learning to work with people in a professional environment has a lot more at stake, and I found myself learning how to respect each person and personality no matter what job we had to accomplish.”

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Marketing – Jason Cash, 2006 graduate
Evergreen Commons, Non-Profit Marketing Intern
The Image Group, Project Management Intern
“ I believe that my ability to find a career after graduating from Hope was largely to do with my internship experiences and the networking opportunities that occurred because of them.”

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Mass Media – Tara Kuhnlein, 2008 Graduate

“… don’t be afraid to take an internship. As an intern, you aren’t expected to be an expert; you just have to want to learn. When I took the internship at WZZM 13, I didn’t know anything about the TV industry – but by taking that chance – I asked a million questions and learned all that I could learn. By that, I truly found my calling.”

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