Betsy Bach, "Increasing Classroom Competency: A Seminar in Instructional Communication Theory and Practice"

The general objective of this seminar is to make you a more communicatively competent instructor, whether you are a new or experienced teacher. Specifically, the seminar is designed to enhance the probability that you will understand both effective classroom communication and instruction, and the value of assessing student learning. As such, upon completion of this seminar you should be able to do the following:

1. establish a supportive classroom environment;
2. articulate the necessary criteria for generating and leading classroom discussion;
3. appreciate the use of instructional objectives and design and implement classroom instructional objectives;
4. discuss the difference between norm- and criterion-referenced measurement and the implications for using criterion-referenced measurement;
5. use different classroom assessment techniques to determine if students are learning what you are teaching;
6. assess teacher communicator style and use teacher immediacy on self and others;
7. engage in teacher evaluation and how to construct teacher evaluation instruments;

8. manage a culturally diverse classroom.

Seminar participants will be asked to do a series of readings prior to meeting at Hope and will be asked to bring with them a video tape or YouTube posting of their classroom teaching for review.