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Cost & Payment Schedule

Cost: $3,000 + airfare + tuition

Payment Due Dates:
01/13/2014: $500 non-refundable deposit
01/2014: Book Airfare ($900-$1000)
02/14/2014: $1000
03/14/2014: $1500

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason, contact either Prof. Johnston or Prof. Nemeth immediately. The cancellation date and monies expended on your behalf as of the cancellation date will determine if you are eligible for any refund. All cancellation and refund policies for Hope College off-campus programming will apply and will be handled by the Hope College Business Office.

Airfare: You are responsible for booking your own airfare to arrive in Glasgow-GLA (the morning of May 8), and return from Dublin (May 30). You will be notified in January of the price and schedule of airfare to and from Grand Rapids, MI. You may elect to travel with the faculty and other students in the class (to and from GRR), or you may elect to arrange your own airfare (in the event you want to return to another city in the US or continue traveling in Europe after the completion of the May Term). If you choose to make your air arrangements that are different than the group itinerary, you are responsible for all transportation to and from airports in the USA and UK.

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