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Research gives students a sense of empowerment over a body of knowledge and instills in them the confidence to succeed. This empowerment stems from the intense professional relationship that develops between students and faculty mentors and enhances the learning experience. The research presented here gives full evidence of why Hope College is the national leader in Undergraduate Research.

Hope College Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Performance












Communication students Haley Donahue, Lydia Wathen and Sarah Manke with their posters at the 2014 Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Performance

2014: University of Kentucky
Gloria Holder, Allison Vanderveld and Ashley Fraley

"Facebook: Friend or Foe for Self-Esteem and Happiness"

Haley Donahue, Christy Miller, and Lydia Wathen "Community Involvement, Culture and Happiness"
Sarah Manke "Cultural Storytelling and Happiness"
Kathyrn Acker and Kate Pitchford

"Family Matters: The Impact of Culture on Family Interactions and of Family Interactions with Peer Relations"
2013: University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Stephanie Browne "Beef Brisket and a Can-Do Attitude: The Portrayal of Gender in Contemporary Cookbooks"
Allison Barnes "A Little Birdie Told Me: Researching Twitter's Effect on Formal and Informal Writing"
Sarah Krueger "Food as Performance Fuel in Athletes"
Samantha Rushton "The Differences of Organic and Non-Organic Food in a National Grocery Store versus a Whole Foods Store"
2011: Ithaca College

Alison Bernard
Julia Peterson

"Communicating Culture: Perceptions of Global Communication"
Holly Evenhouse "Disregard for Rules: A Cultural Study of a Student Newspaper Group"
Ayanfeoluwa Olonade "You Are in My Space, But That's OK: Sustaining an Innovative Culture in the Workplace"
Kevin Watson "The Role of Communication Technology in Patient-Physician Relationships: Technology Violating Immediacy Expectations"
2010: University of Montana
Alison Garza
Samantha Molnar
"International Perceptions of Global Communication"
2009: University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Mary Davis "The Impact of Global Exposure on Personal Uncertainty"
Laura Grimm "Who Controls Public Space? A Rhetorical Analysis of a Latino Mural in Holland, Michigan"
Abigail Hoppen "From Health to Calorie-Counting: Content Analysis of Dieting and Nutrition Features in Seventeen and Cosmopolitan Magazines from 1955-2005"
Samantha Molnar "Global Communication through Film: The Impact of Western Ideology on Japanese Films"
Kristie Moote "Demand/Withdraw Pattern and Its Negative Effects on Marital Satisfaction"
2008: Salisbury University of Maryland
Lauren Benecke
Mason Blenkhorn
"Communication Behaviors and Work Life Balance Effects on Career Status"

2007: Dominican University of California
Lauren Halvorson "Uses and Gratifications of the CaringBridge Online Health Care Sites and Guestbooks"
Erin Lattin, Quinn Nystrom, Erin Schumaker "Sex Differences in Reporting on Female Politicians"
Bethany Wichman "Teaching Students Civil War History and Rhetoric through the Creation of a Web-Based, Role-Playing Simulation"

2006: University of North Carolina at Asheville

Patrick McConahy "The Effects of Social Anxiety on Cell Phone Behavior"
Kristin Rose "Primary Media Research Concerning the Release of Birth of a Nation (1915)"
Stephanie VanStee "Fulfilling Relational Communication Dimensions through Cell Phone Interaction"
2005: Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute
Katie Dekker and Helen Fylstra "The Stress of Work Status for Mothers"

2003: University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Meredith TerHaar and Amanda Mullins "How Mom's Work Status Defines the Good Dad"