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It is the mission of the Dance Department to provide opportunities for the student to develop artistically, intellectually, physically and spiritually. This is accomplished through the art of dance, and in adherence to the College’s religious and liberal arts philosophies.

We believe in the transformative power of dance.

The first private undergraduate Liberal Arts dance program to be accredited in the USA, the Hope dance program thrives in the liberal arts environment. Fostering a culture of intellectual and physical creativity and discipline, the curriculum stresses rigor and vitality. It is carefully balanced to provide a foundation in theoretical and technical dance studies, offering opportunities for the individual student to aspire, dream and accomplish. Whether major, minor or non-major, the Hope dance student will be able to experiment, collaborate, research, create and perform. Alums of the Hope program are prepared to attend graduate school; they have careers as professional dance performers, choreographers, directors, historians, therapists, arts administrators, studio owners, professors, teachers, doctors, researchers, engineers and more.