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Honor Societies

Florence Cavannaugh Award

DeLong Senior Dance Award

Additional Opportunities



The Michigan Dance Council provides dance students with the opportunity to perform their works at state meetings.

The American College Dance Festival (ACDF) is a four-day workshop that is held at various colleges and universities in the Great Lakes region. Its focus is on performance and choreography. It offers dance students the chance to take four or five classes a day; see two informal concerts during the festival, and a formal concert each evening. Hope College can send up to two adjudicated and one unadjudicated dance works to the festival. The faculty selects the student-choreographed pieces. All students are welcome to attend ACDF; it offers them the opportunity to display their choreography to a more diversified audience, to perform in or attend formal and informal concerts, and to take master classes. Such an experience helps to expand, explore, and share the creativity energies of multiple artists from other colleges and universities.


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