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102 Modern Novice: an introduction to an education in body movement through dance principles and techniques designed to teach an understanding of rhythm, release, and presentation of basic movement problems. The student will have the opportunity to kinesthetically and intellectually learn through experience. One credit, Powell, Fall/Spring Semesters

104 Jazz Novice: This course is designed introduce the student with no previous experience in dance to the basic elements of jazz dance with emphasis on fundamental technique, rhythm, style, and performance. Basic principles of jazz movement along with some history of jazz dance and music will be explored through a conditioning warm-up, across the floor techniques and center combinations. Movement and music styles include rudimentary Classical, Swing/Musical Theater, Latin, Disco and Contemporary One-credit, Guest, Fall/Spring Semesters

105 Tap Novice:This course introduces technical fundamentals of tap dance through a physical, systematic, rhythmically centered study to students with no previous dance experience. Participants shall develop a basic mastery of the elements of tap and explore the defining concepts of this dance form. The student will have the opportunity to kinesthetically and intellectually learn through experience. One-credit, Frazier, Fall/Spring Semesters

110 Folk, Social, and Swing Dance - An introduction to folk, social, and swing dance techniques. Special emphasis will be placed on the cultural aspects of the development of these types of dance.
One credit Booker Fall & Spring Semesters

114 Historical Social Dance - Research and execution of representative social dances from historical periods to present time. No prerequisites.
Two credits Graham Fall Semester

116 Hip Hop - is designed to educate and train the dancer to learn the history of hip-hop, terminology, movement and rhythm. There will be various styles introduced, Street- Funk, House, Hip-Hop- Social Dances, Funk/Locking, and Waacking/Voguing. Class combinations integrate innovative choreography with the study of technique of staging, formations, preparing students to develop performance quality, discipline the ability to “pick up” choreography for auditions and musicality. One credit Frazier Fall & Spring Semesters

170 Movement Fundamentals - This course emphasizes the “how and why” of movement to deepen understanding of human anatomy, increase performance presence and improve command of the body for clearer form and fewer injuries. Through the study of Bartenieff Fundamentals (with specific focus on breath support, core support, dynamic alignment, weight transfer/sensing, spatial intent, initiation and gradated rotation), students will explore and embody thoughtful methods of movement that bring together the physical, cognitive and expressive aspects of dance. This course is a pre-requisite for DAN 370 - Laban Movement Analysis.


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