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202 Drumming, Percussion and Rhythm - This course will familiarize dance students with rhythmic patterns found in various cultures throughout the world. It will provide hands on experience with percussion instruments and drums. The student will learn musical terminology and develop their ability to communicate rhythmic ideas verbally, through notation, and through performance. .5credits, VanLente, Spring semester only

221 Anatomical Kinesiology - The muscle-skeletal system and its actions, with special reference to the fields of dance and physical education, are studied in detail. Same as Kinesiology 221.
Three credits Kiekover Fall Semester

226 Introduction to Dance Production I - This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the technology, practices, and aesthetics of lighting and sound technologies for dance. The student will develop appropriate production vocabulary, plus gain a basic understanding of production elements and the production process. The student will develop a basic knowledge of production equipment and technology for lighting and sound, and improve his/her appreciation for the skills and requirements necessary for successful productions. Some attention will be given to video for dance as possible. Three credits Alberg Fall semester

227 Introduction to Dance Production II- This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to three areas of production: costumes, stage management and make-up. The student will be introduced to the technology, vocabulary, practices and aesthetics of costume design for dance. In addition, the course will explore the role of the stage manager and house manager as part of the production process. Basic stage make-up for dance will be addressed. The individual will work within a producing group to gain basic theoretical and practical experience. Three credits Alberg Spring semester

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